He’s back and he’s pissed

What’s going to happen in HALLOWEEN KILLS? Spoiler Alert. These are educated guesses by me based on the trailers. If you don’t want anything spoiled for you – DON’T READ THIS. 

Moving on…

• At Strode’s house, Myers escapes the burning building and decimates the Haddenfield fire department. He then takes an emergency vehicle and overhears on the dispatch that Laurie was taken to HMH.

• Laura’s getting patched up. The family find out Myers escaped and killed the firemen. Laurie rallies family and friends and towns-people to go out and kill Myers because “Evil Dies tonight!”

• Except a pissed off Myers has arrived at the hospital and starts killing babies in the nursery. Laurie lures Michael away using herself as bait.

• Laurie Strode dies for her trouble by Myers dropping her from the roof or pushing her out a window during their battle.

• The town rallies in the HMH parking lot to avenge the fallen. Among the growing crowd is Loomis’ nurse that hooks up in a car with a doctor and his wife.

• Lindsey Wallace finds kids in the park that are playing hide and seek with the shape. They haul ass as Lyndsey is attacked by Myers. She tries to take his mask off. 

• Loomis’ nurse and the doctor and wife get attacked in their vehicle by Myers very much like in the first Halloween. Myers kills them, puts halloween masks on the bodies and drags them to the park playground. Discovered later by Tommy Doyle.

• Lonny, son, and Tommy figure out Myers is heading towards Myer’s old homestead. This is also where the cemetery caretaker now resides. She dies.

• Epic battle takes place at the Myer’s homestead.

• Myers doesn’t die as there is a third film.

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