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The CRAWLER DVD has been out for a couple of months at the time of this writing. I have only had a chance to get a couple of copies out for review. One to Joe Bob Briggs, and the other to Horror DNA. Today Zigzag of Horror DNA posted his review of the movie. It can be read HERE.

The review is very… middling. The movie comes out to be very average in the eyes of the reviewer. I happen to know Zigzag; I sent him the copy. I would expect him to be nothing but honest, and showing us no favoritism. True to his word, he gave an honest account of his viewing experience. After 15 years of work, it’s tough to hear that what was produced was… mediocre.

He brings up that Don (Dohler) had gone back to the well once again – for the fifth time – with the “alien lands in rural America and runs amuck.” If I am to be honest, I don’t know why Don kept going back to that same story, and just trying to vary it a little. It doesn’t show a lot of growth or range. Sometimes you have to get out of the backyard.

An illustration of the CRAWLER

ZigZag also brought up that audiences shouldn’t expect an Oscar-worthy Hollywood effects team to have made the CGI creature with top of the line software. It was just a couple of guys using Photoshop, Blender, and Adobe After Effects to the best of their ability. Now, I’m very proud with how the creature turned out, but the fact that in the review – there is not ONE screen grab of the monster – is very telling. He goes on to state that the crew took there sweet time getting the effects done – due to real life getting in the way. Believe me, I WISH we had gotten it done a lot sooner.

Zigzag goes on to remark that there are still two Timewarp Films to be released. To be honest – between you and me? I don’t think that’s going to happen.

I have a couple more copies of the movie that I’m sending out for review. In the end, we got Don Dohler’s last movie finished and out for distribution. We did what we set out to do. Will there be a premiere? I doubt it. The Don Dohler fans seem to enjoy it, but then the Dohler fans are going to be biased to enjoying and approving it.

Bottom line is that I guess I’ll have to wait for more reviews to come in before I can take a real reading on the movie. We tried to honor a friend’s memory. Maybe the last 15 years have been a waste of energy. Time will tell.

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