In 2020 – since we were all inside – I got the chance to guest on Youtube video chats as well as some indie film podcasts. Here are some links to the shows I was on.

An indie actors/filmmaker’s podcast – basically covers all aspects of the entertainment industry – had me on to talk about my days of working in Hollywood. Michael R. Barton hosted the show and we had a great time talking shop. You can check it all out here at Fowl Player Radio.

Randall Patty is the host of the Youtube channel Shop31, which among other things covers horror movies. We had a great time talking about my role in the WNUF Halloween Special (on Shudder) and we talk about our favorite movie serial killer – Art the Clown of Terrifier. This was a Skype call and I look like I work behind the counter of an adult book store.

I appear on the 3rd episode of Live In The Hearse vidcast over on Youtube. Hosted by the delightful Kerri Jackson, we talk about all things under the sun, Madhouse Manor, and she gets me to do my bad Angus Scrimm/Tall Man impersonation! Ho ho!

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