75th Birthday Boy Don Dohler

Cult legend Don Dohler would have celebrated his 75th birthday this past January. The genius behind such works as The Alien Factor, Fiend, Nightbeast, Blood Massacre, Stakes, Dead Hunt, and Crawler. he inspired such people as Tom Sullivan (The Evil Dead) and Tom Savini (Day of the Dead) during his illustrious career. He is loved and missed by his Family, Friends, and Fans. We raise a toast to Don Dohler!

Damien Leone’s creation Art the Clown

Filmmaker Damien Leone is a busy man. He’s ended up having a successful slasher hit with his 2016 movie TERRIFIER (starring David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown). This January 29th the young man turned 37. Let’s hope he took a minute out of editing TERRIFIER 2 to eat some birthday cake. Happy birthday Damien! Looks like you have your own party clown!

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