I had the pleasure to e-chat with filmmaker Michael Leavy of Fuzz on the Lens Productions the other day. His company is producing a cool new horror movie, and wants all horror fans to be involved. The name of the project is STREAM.

Talented cast for a killer movie

With a stellar cast and crew (more on them later) the story is about a family that feels it may be drifting apart, decide to do some family bonding by recreating a vacation they had taken previously; they head to a quaint hotel. Unfortunately, at the same time four serial killers from the dark web are gearing up to play a game of “kill as many people that you can” at the same hotel. Makes me think the family might not have a good time…

STREAM boasts an INCREDIBLE cast including such horror luminaries:

Danielle Harris (Halloween 4 and 5)

Jeffrey Combs (Re-animator, The Frighteners)

Dee Wallace (E.T., The Howling, Cujo)

David Howard Thornton (Terrifier 1 and 2)

Felissa Rose (Sleep Away Camp)

Daniel Roebuck (The Fugitive, The Munsters)

+ a zillion more talented, familiar faces in horror!

The production is being done by Fuzz on the Lens Productions, in conjunction with other superb professionals in the biz – including Terrifier’s Damian Leone, George Steuber, and Phil Falcone. You know this is going to look DAMN GOOD.

STREAM is almost done. The majority of it was completed during the Covid lockdown. Safety was the primary concern for all involved, so there were scenes that couldn’t be filmed, and the Covid safety costs bit into the budget. The producers are gearing up to complete it now that things are safer, and want horror fans involved. So, an IndieGoGo campaign has been launched.

STREAM has set up a tier system of goals and perks to get completion funds. This will allow the team to hire the remaining talent, shoot the scenes that need to be done, and get into post production as soon as possible.  They’ve set up a great page to check out – INDIEGOGO – and a Facebook page as well. They got some damn cool perks!

So come on horror fans, “put some skin in the game.” Back STREAM.

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