HAPPY 2019!

Chris LaMartina – Director of WNUF

Happy New Year from Smash or Trash! I’m a little behind on this upcoming announcement, so I’m trying to make up for lost time.

Back in 2013, I had the honor of have a lead role in Chris LaMartina and Jimmy George’s cult classic found footage film WNUF HALLOWEEN SPECIAL. The film was based on a news broadcast from 1987, and was hailed everywhere from the New York Times to NPR. I of course played the dashing, courageous priest who tragically gave his own life to save the lives of others.

But I digress. Present day and Chris wants to do a sequel set in the 1990s and has set up a GOFUNDME page for it! There will be some favorite characters coming back, it will probably feature really bad music and fashions (this is the 1990s we’re talking about) and surprises that only the twisted mind of LaMartina can provide.

So I am asking you – yes you, dear reader – to go to the project’s GOFUNDME page and give what you can so this movie can get off the drawing board and into production! There are some fantastic perks listed for the different pledge tiers. The money will go towards costumes, makeup, props, locations, stock footage – you know – everything that will make this film awesome!

So go and pledge at the link HERE. As of this posting there is less than 30 days left in the campaign, so don’t delay! Have a fantastic 2019, and stay creative!

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