I’ve been approached about the website recently. I must admit that I haven’t posted one damn article or review this year. I have posted some Youtube videos – to be fair.

When my Dad was murdered in January 2020, it took a lot of my energy and drive out of me. Covid 19 compounding on top of that, and several friends dying have made this a miserable year.

We got Timewarp Film’s CRAWLER done, but are dealing with the nightmare that is distribution. I’ve been in the business a long time and know it’s an all around screw job and that you make no money at it.

It’s hard to ask for help, because Smash or Trash is a unique website. I try to remain professional but still have a sense of fun. I rarely drop F Bombs on the site and try to find the good in a low budget movie (as well as pointing out where they can be improved). It’s hard to get unpaid help that doesn’t want to just sandblast the movies they are reviewing. That’s not why I’m here for. I’d probably have a bigger audience if I just beat the shit out of a movie, but there are countless mean-spirited youtube channels and websites that do that. I’m here to try to encourage filmmakers to get better – no matter what their budget.

I keep the site going because it is a place that pays tribute to Don Dohler as well as Tim Davis, both sadly gone. Of course in his lifetime as an early filmmaker, Don’s movies got the holy crap kicked out of them for being “backyard spectacles.” Never mind that his films got better and more professional as time went on; people wanted to put him in a box and keep him there. Makes me sick. I try to show that he was much more than that.

So I’m trying to get back to updating the website at least a few times before the end of the year. There are some indie movies being made that look really good. Yes, I mostly focus on horror and sci-fi, but I have posted about indie comedies, westerns and dramas as well.

So let’s see what happens. This can be a very unrewarding existence, as I get very little feedback for a lot of effort put in. But I’m still here to try to help filmmakers make the best movie they can on meager means.
– Rob Long

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