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Smash or Trash is auctioning of various items to help future indie movie projects as well as some charities. Offered up are some Don Dohler prints and posters, a Batman print, a Phantasm poster, and Rambo, Killy Party and Graduation Day DVDs. The member ID name is smashortrash, so come on by and bid on some cool stuff!

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Nick Consol of Brooklyn, New York was the winner of Smash or Trash’s FIXER contest! This action/adventure movie stars Paul R. Sieber and Alfred Guy, and guest stars George Stover and Jennifer Rouse. Right now a copy of the DVD and poster are making their way up North from our headquarters. Our thanks to Lee Doll Film Productions for providing us with the prizes!

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Smash or Trasher filmmaker Mitch Klein called me and hipped me to a new short movie made with BLENDER software . This is a science fiction short called TEARS OF STEEL. Incredibly well done work with this free software which now supports live action compositing! I urge all low-budget filmmakers to check this out. It is inspiring, and it goes to show what creative people can do with available software.

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Lee Doll Film Productions will once again be in the news. Monday October 1st, 2012 Jon Cross of THE AFTER MOVIE DINER. will be covering two independent movies; DON’T LET THE RIVER BEAST GET YOU and THE FIXER – POWER OF BALANCE. The 1st Fixer installment stars Brian St. August and Alfred Guy – fighting in the mean streets of Baltimore against a drug cartel. It also stars Victoria Gottlieb and Will Haza.

To coincide with this, Smash or Trash Independent Filmmaking will be giving away  A brand new copy of the 2nd FIXER movie DANGEROUS DECEPTION – Starring Paul R. Sieber, Alfred Guy, George Stover and Jennifer Rouse. The rules are real simple; send us your name and address to and state “I want a chance to win the new FIXER movie!” Drawings will be held October 2nd for the winner. Start sending in those emails NOW!

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Lee Doll Film Productions and JBH Video presents a new indie musical comedy titled “Rise and Fall…in LOVE” starring Louanna Lee and Clear For Takeoff. Special Guest Star George Stover. Featuring Jason Brown, Sam Lukowski, Brendan Biondi, Marc LaMartina, Joey Enste, Joe Whiting, Alfred Guy, Kim Hoang, Earl Klemm, John Gray, Steve Rifkin, Bob Clark, Kate Jackson, Lauren Zimmerman Rifkin, Cameron Guy, Wayne Shipley, and Jennifer Rouse. Director of Photography and Editor- Jeff Herberger. Written by Steve Rifkin and Lee Doll. Makeup and Wardrobe by Kate Jackson. Assistant Director- Alfred Guy. Executive Producer- Earl Klemm. Produced and Directed by Lee Doll.

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Wow, it’s been a while since I have done a serious update – but it is up now! I have a new post production article up on what the next possible step is before going to distribution or self distribution; going to a video post house to get a limited number of copies professionally made. Therefore the spotlight falls on a Mid Atlantic firm known as VIDEO LABS. This company has had a LOT of interaction with independent filmmakers. The link for that article is HERE.


Movie Reviewer Judy Furlow Grannas has a new review up for a GOOD movie – ABSENTIA. By all accounts this sounds like a movie everyone is going to want to check out! The link to the review can be found HERE.

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Jon Cross is a very good friend to us here at Smash or Trash, and he hosts the wonderful After Movie Diner Podcast and can be found on twitter at @aftermoviediner. This week he is a guest host this week over at The RUPERT PUPKIN SPEAKS blog spot and talks about “Bad” Movies We Love. It is a great article with some killer movies listed in it – including a couple from – you guessed it – Don Dohler. Don’t delay – go check it out RIGHT NOW!


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“Dangerous Deception” Tales of The Fixer

will be featured as part of this year’s
HorrorFind Weekend Film Festival.
Show Time- 10:00 pm Friday August 31


George Stover Bone Garden

Baltimore actor George Stover kindly provided this candid shot of himself, Tracie Savage (Friday the 13th III) and Ron Millkie (Friday the 13th) on the set of THE BONE GARDEN. Stover plays Officer Ned Taylor.


Director Mike Gutridge  (seen above with actor Paul Kratka) has gotten some great talent – both in front of and behind the camera – together for his latest motion picture. Posted here courtesy of Mr. Gutridge are some behind the scenes photos from the production. Below is the blurb he sent me about the movie. I really urge everyone to check out the fantastic facebook page he has set up. I believe the shooting locations include areas around Baltimore, as well as a lake in Pennsylvania. Check out the cast! Three veterans from the Friday the 13th series, PLUS local celebs George Stover and April “Chainsaw Sally” Monique Burril! I am really looking forward to seeing the final product once completed!

 April Monique Burril

The Bone Garden is a Hitchcockian thriller about how no one is ever what they seem and EVERYONE has something to hide.
“Alice Hardy” (Tracie Savage) suspects her husband “norman” (Paul Kratka), a college history professor of cheating on her. but, there have been a rash of missing persons around campus lately and she also wonders is norman is guilty of murder, too!!
The Bone Garden stars several Friday the 13th vets including Tracie Savage and Paul Kratka (part 3) and Ron Millkie (part one).

Here is the website LINK and the facebook LINK. CHECK IT OUT!

We go into August and I don’t have a whole lot for an update. Seems the Smash or Trash headquarters had to be fumigated for bedbugs (no joke) so I have been spending my spare time basically boxing and bagging everything so Terminex can do their magic. Oof.

Leanna Demo reel

On the brighter side of things, our good friend actress Leanna Chamish has updated her demo reel with some of her recent commercial and movie roles. I urge everyone to check it out  at this LINK.  Her agency rep’s number is listed if you would like to hire this talented actress.


Smash or Trashers Leanna Chamish and Mitch Klein appear on an internationally distributed chess book by author David Rudel. I thought that was pretty awesome that they got that gig. You can learn more about the book HERE.

As far as anything else? Well, once the place gets back in order it will be back to more updates and reviews – plus editing on CRAWLER. So until then, stay tuned…