is run by David Anthony (I believe). Lately the website has had a few articles that directly target low budget independent filmmakers, and I found them well done, as well as relevant.  Here are three of them to look over.

The first up is that Moe Porne of DRUNK ON VHS has a new podcast up where the focus is TROMA films as well as independent films in general. His guests on the show are Jon Cross of THE AFTER MOVIE DINER and Erik Martin of GUTS AND GROG. They all discuss the TROMA movies they love, as well as the ones they hated. Bonus points to Jon Cross who brings up the discussion on Don Dohler films and Baltimore, MD filmmakers in general. Thanks Jon. Overall it is a tremendous treat for the listener.

Next up is David Anthony’s open letter to low budget independent horror movie filmmakers. He pulls no punches on what is wrong with the independent horror film scene and how audiences have to get off their butts and start supporting independent movies in order to revitalize the horror genre. Excellent, excellent article and you can read it HERE.

 Lastly, David Anthony talks directly to low budget independent  filmmakers about the laziness on display in their movies today – and how it is not an excuse. Now, while I do agree with quite a bit of what Mr. Anthony says, I do take a little exception to how “different and edgy” he feels indie filmmakers have to become. My feelings are that there is nothing wrong with doing familiar genres as long as they are done really well and with a ton of passion and commitment. Give it a good look over HERE.

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