Okay – a few posts today folks.

First up I am very, very happy to hear that the person that had assaulted beloved actor George Stover earlier this year has gotten life in prison with no chance of parole. Mr. Stover has recovered nicely and is continuing to act. You do NOT mess with the Stover! We love you George!

I have a couple of fantastic people helping me do movie reviews now. I will be posting Hugh Robertson’s review of  TIED IN BLOOD sometime in the next week. Stay tuned!

Director Wayne Shipley is working on a new independent Western called DAY OF THE GUN. Examiner.com covers the story!

Hollywood Producer Edward L. Plumb has been really busy on a fantastic new web series SILICONE ASSASSIN: DEAD RECKONING!

The Blame Game, is an independently produced film, that was funded using crowd-funding through Kickstarter. The film is the brainchild of writer and director Zack Gross, which he made in collaboration with producer Nathan McFarland. The two of them assembled a cast and crew over several months. Then, over the course of two weeks, completed filming of the feature length movie, with a modest budget of $4,000. Currently The Blame Game is in post-production, and there are plans for a Fall/Winter 2012 release.
A little info on the filmmakers:

Both Zack Gross and Nathan McFarland are currently students finishing up their Bachelor’s degree in Film and Video from George Mason University. Zack Gross has directed two films prior to The Blame Game, including The Odd Spot, which is available on DVD.
Nathan McFarland is a filmmaker and musician from Manasas, Virginia whose credits include creator/director for the webseries Deep Cover, and producer for the webseries Absolution.


Ten Sundays Productions (Cannibal Cheerleader Camp, Boxing Day) is proud to present the feature horror film Veil.

The film stars Joseph Durbin (Deadlands 2), Devon Marie Brookshire (Ninjas vs. Vampires), Josh Davidson (Ghosts Don’t Exist), Kendra North (Witch’s Brew), and newcomer Meghan Nelson.

The temptation to have a one night stand leads a man to a distant town and a woman with a dark agenda. When he doesn’t return, if falls upon his black sheep sister to uncover the truth about what happened.

The film is written & directed by Paul Busetti and produced by Busetti along with Chris Kiros (Zombthology) and Josh Davidson (Dead iSland). Executive Produced by Leo Curbelo and Elizabeth Katheryn Gray.

Filming took place over the winter on location in Virginia & Maryland. Veil is currently in postproduction.

Also I will be posting the premiere episode of Smash or Trash again on youtube and am busy editing the 2nd episode as well. Stay creative!

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