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Joe Sherlock – prolific filmmaker. Pictured above with independent filmmaker Don Coscarelli. What has been happening with Oregon’s Dr. Squid? Let’s find out from the man himself:

“DREAMWALKERS was a fantasy movie I shot, acted in and co-edited with my buddy John Bowker (the writer/director) way back in 1997. A small run of VHS was made for cast and crew, but the movie was never officially released. John has allowed me to make this fantasy movie available on a custom-burned to-order DVD-R and you can get all the details HERE.

The DIMENSION OF BLOOD/MONSTER IN THE GARAGE/CRIMSON HEATHER triple feature I put out a couple of years back got some of my earliest shot-on-video stuff available, but when Crimson Heather first came out on VHS, it was paired with my vampire comedy LUST OF THE VAMPIRE HOOKERS. That VHS release has long been sold out, but now for those who want it, I am also making LUST OF THE VAMPIRE HOOKERS available as a custom- burned-to-order DVD-R, as well. Email me at for ordering details.

I’ve been putting together a photo album over on facebook called COOL KIDS, featuring a bunch of people holding up movies they have picked up from me over the years. If you want to email me a pic of yourself showing off one of my flicks, I may just add it to the album! Check it out HERE.


The bloody, body count b-movie BLOOD CREEK WOODSMAN, is now available! Just go HERE and click on the “buy the dvd here” link!

My new weird sci-fi horror flick ODD NOGGINS is now available and I put together a bunch of “odd packs” that you can get with the DVD including other DVDs, photos and even props from the movie! Check it all out HERE.

Check out my year-end wrap up blog post.

That’s all for now (isn’t that enough?!)!

– Joe aka Dr. Squid”

Dr Squid

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