Wow! What a week! Lots of updates! How’s that people? It’s Saturday – so let’s post something to end the week. Visual Effects Artist Mitch Klein has released a sneak peek of what the creature looks like for Timewarp Film’s CRAWLER. This wire frame animation can be seen HERE. I have seen this animal fully rendered and it is BAD -ASSED. Huge kudos and credits go out to Mitch – whom has done one hell of a job with it! I plan to post an updated interview with him in the future. Fantastic job Mitch!!!


Next is the very good news that actor Adam West FINALLY got his Hollywood Star this week.  The star of the1960s television show BATMAN has been in the business for 50 years – entertaining millions around the world. This award is looooooooooooong overdue. You may ask what does Adam West getting his star have to do with indie filmmaking? Not a damn thing – but it is my site, he’s my childhood hero, and is very deserving of all credit and appreciation due to him. Congrats Mr. West!

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