Cinematic Titanic THE ALIEN FACTOR

From the creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Joel Hodgson) and the original cast of the show comes Cinematic Titanic’s take on Don Dohler’s THE ALIEN FACTOR. My thanks to Greg Dohler, John Kinhart, David Ellis and George Stover for bringing this to my attention. Click on the image above to watch the 1st five minutes. To get on the mailing list drop them an email at This DVD will be released soon so get ready to order yours!

Roulette Trailer Erik Myers directed

Director Erik Kristopher Myers brings you another great installment of Ethan Meyer’s LUCK OF THE DRAW. This series is an incredibly in-depth look into the triumphs and heartaches of producing the independent movie ROULETTE. The latest installment can be found HERE, and the newly remastered trailer can be found HERE. Plus, the re-shoots for the movie are winding down. Do you have the desire to be an extra for their March 3rd evening shoot? It will be held in Columbia, MD. For more information on how you can appear in the movie, go to their facebook page HERE. Personally folks – I think this trailer kicks major butt’ if the movie can live up to the glimpse we see here, these people have one HELL of a movie on their hands!

Dick Dyszel - every other day is Halloween

Coming April 20th, 2010 from Brink DVD is EVERY OTHER DAY IS HALLOWEEN, the documentary on the career of Dick Dyszel (Count Gore De Vol, Bozo the Clown, Captain 20). This award-winning feature is jam-packed with incredible extras. Pre order yours today HERE.

Don Glut DVD Giveaway

So when is the next giveaway? Right now dang it! Donald F. Glüt of Frontline Entertainment has donated these two sexy and sizzlin’ monster movies for your viewing pleasure!  Don is a tremendous guy and an independent filmmaking legend. If you like your creature features to be fun, hot, and campy then look no further! Both come loaded with DVD extras! You know the drill by now folks; email me your name and address and I will put you in for the drawing on March 7th.  One winner per title. Yes, those that win the prizes will need to pay $2.00 S&H (US) or $6.00 S&H (Foreign). Due to the nature of these productions you must be 18 or over to enter the drawing!

As Darkness Sets In Trailer

So, have I ever known the joy and pain of directing a film? Yes I have! In the early to mid 1980s I directed a couple of slasher flicks.  With the help of Erik Kristopher Myers and Brian Andress, a newly minted trailer for my 1984 film AS DARKNESS SETS IN is now up on youtube. This labor of love starred Tami S Marshall, Anthony Chilla, Ann Ehlers, Michael Gerischer, Tim Reed, Kelly Clark, David Bretag, Cliff McFerren, Scott Naumann, and myself.  Thanks to Erik and Brian, the trailer turned out incredible (Erik did the VO for the trailer – he’s awesome – hire this guy for your movies!) and there is now talk between myself and these gentlemen about refurbishing the film and eventually getting it released to DVD. Want to see the trailer on the big screen? It will be one of many played at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore on March 1st! Leave a comment on Youtube – always welcoming feedback!

Will You Be There

Finally, today all principle photography was wrapped on the 2nd episode of the ADVENTURES OF LOUANNA LEE. I have seen the rough cut and it is fantastic! There is also a music video we shot with the talented Louanna Lee that had a whole team of professional dancers working with her! For more information on this indie adventure show, you can go HERE.

Remember that independent filmmakers are working hard to bring you unique, quality entertainment that isn’t the same old stuff seen at your local cinema megaplex. Support these creative people – we all really appreciate it.

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