It’s been a little while since we have done a really large – all inclusive update here at Smash or Trash. Well, there is a lot NEW to check out! First up is a review of Brett Piper’s upcoming film THE DARK SLEEP. It is based on an H.P. Lovecraft story and you can find out more about it HERE.


Next up is a review of a most EXCELLENT independently filmed superhero movie – Dan Poole’s THE PHOTON EFFECT. Poole is well known for his Spider-man fan films – this is his first full length feature with a hero and villain of his own design. Most excellent! Check out the review HERE.


Hugh Robertson’s review of FUTURE WORLD got a much needed overhaul. Bigger type and larger, better pictures. This is an interesting read as it appears that this ambitious film is somewhat of a live action version of the movie HEAVY METAL. You can read the updated review HERE.

Philip Cooke’s MALICE episode 12 is now up on Youtube. You really, really need to follow this creepy series and watch this incredible season finale. Oh – look close at the end and you will see a cameo by me. Leanna Chamish makes a triumphant return to the story!

CRAWLER action shot

I have renewed my vigor at getting more of the special visual effects for the Timewarp Films sci-fi horror movie CRAWLER. This year marks 10 years it has been in and out of production and we hope to get it finished by the Fall of 2013. Because of this I am going to be devoting a chunk of time every weekend until the effects I have promised to do are done. Above is one of the shots completed last weekend. I know a lot of people are really looking forward to seeing this all cut together!


Our good friend Jon Cross of THE AFTER MOVIE DINER and DR. ACTION AND THE KICK ASS KID podcasts is up again for another TLA Cult Award. He is one of the biggest fans and boosters of Don Dohler so click on the banner above and vote for The After Movie Diner to when (located at the bottom of the page). Refresh your browser and vote as many times as you like!

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