Leanna Chamish and Don Leifert

I was just given the very sad news that accomplished independent actor Don Leifert has passed away today. He was a classic- trained performer that had studied in England. His first major film role was in Don Dohler’s 1977 ALIEN FACTOR. He went on to star and appear in several genre movies, including Fiend, Nightbeast, Galaxy Invader, Blood Massacre, Blood Boobs & Beast, and the yet-to-be-released CRAWLER. He is probably best remembered for playing the title role in the Gothic horror movie FIEND. In his later years he was a high school English teacher and also served as the producer and director for many musicals and plays.

Our thoughts, respects and prayers go out to his family.

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  1. 1 Christopher Gummer

    I worked with Don on both the Alien Factor and Night Beast and can say without a doubt, the world has lost one of a kind!
    Though, I was never really close to Don I recognized his brilliance, as his over the top personality ruled whatever setting he was in.
    I always admired him as he was such a character!
    Talented, brilliantly intelligent, witty, sharp as a knife tongue, such a ham, full of himself, hilarious, were all the traits that made him so enjoyable. In his day he somehow reminded me of a preppy Ryan O Neal, who would have been a great hockey or lax player at Princeton, Cornell or Harvard. I can see how teaching came so easily to Don as it was evident upon meeting him that he was well educated. Don also had an air of authority about him which would have served him well as an educator. I hadn’t seen or spoken to Don in years, but had seen him recently on the local news, speaking to a reporter about local school issues. I was greatly saddened by Don’s passing. I will remember you fondly and toast you often.”If I should rise and you should not, I will look back and gently call, goodnight and God be with you all.”
    Good bye old friend.

    Christopher Gummer
    Baltimore, MD.

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