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kahn hedon

Independent filmmaker Kevin Kangas is an innovative and prolific person in the industry for the last 14 years.  Five very well received movies, He is now doing something… INCREDIBLE. He has a feature length film completed – GARDEN OF HEDON. He is doing a Kickstarter campaign where as if he meets his goal – he will release this new movie in both DVD and Blu-ray quality – for FREE. That’s right – FREE. He’s trying to raise money for his next motion picture, so he is willing to put up this fantastic movie for everyone on the planet to see if the goal is met. This is really ballsy. I’ve done enough talking here so click HERE or on the image above and go to find out how we can all help accomplish this. I mean, you can donate as low as a dollar for Pete’s sake. Of course if you donate more – you get a change of getting some really cool props and perks! So anyway – what are you waiting for? Go over there and help make this happen!

Sara Cole

Actress Sara Cole (DEAD HUNT and other fine indie films) recently got married to the love of her life, Dan Pittore. We at Smash or Trash want to wish them both a happy long life together. Both Sara and Dan were producers on John Kinhart’s documentary on Don Dohler called BLOOD, BOOBS & BEAST. Congrats!!!

New York City Podcasters Jon Cross and Nick Consol get back to the Baltimore Independent Film scene with three films. They discuss Erik Kristopher Myers’ ROULETTE. Check out this great podcast over at THE AFTER MOVIE DINER!

Jon meets Don

Speaking of Podcaster Jon Cross, we here at Smash or Trash got to interview him about his love for all things Don Dohler related. It is a fascinating look into someone that has become a DIY indie back garden movie maker convert. You can check it out HERE.

Rpulette Poster

ROULETTE is getting another screening in the Baltimore area. May 9th at the Beltway Theatre. Scuttlebutt around the indie community is that Filmmaker Erik Kristopher Myers may have news on the distribution of the film!

Don Dohler films the UFO experts for CRAWLER

No news on TIMEWARP FILMS’ CRAWLER. Hopefully something positive to discuss in the next update.

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Don BD

A very happy birthday to the late Don Dohler – a maverick and pioneering DIY filmmaker that has inspired many others in the field. We love you Don and wish you were still with us.

Jon Clark

Filmmaker Jon Clark gets the interview treatment here at Smash or Trash. The interview was done a half a dozen years ago, and I do feel terrible for not getting it posted sooner than this. It is a brilliant interview about the trials and experiences he and his cast and crew had producing the movie DESPERATION. Check it out HERE.

Future World cover

Reviewer Hugh Robertson gives us another great review and he has some really positive things to say about FUTURE WORLD. You can read it HERE.


Hello everyone! I have been out of the picture for a little bit, so here is an update. First up, I have a brand new movie review up for an indie horror film called GHOSTS DON’T EXIST. This was a pretty decent ghost story (shot in the DC area) and I think you will enjoy it; I’d urge you to at least give it a rental. Also our new resident reviewer – Judy Furlow – has received her screener copies and will be getting us new reviews soon. The first one will be Lee Doll’s THE FIXER. Check back for that.

Ninjas vs You podcast

Smash or Trash correspondent Leanna Chamish clued me in on a really cool podcast called NINJAS VS YOU. This podcast is hosted by director Justin Timpane. On the premiere show he has actor Daniel Ross on and they talk about their beginnings on the set of CRAWLER, and the debt that they owe to both partners of Timewarp Films; Joe Ripple and Don Dohler. This is a very sincere discussion about how these two men inspired Timpane and Ross to make their own movies. Also, they have a very fun and intelligent discussion about why they have NOT moved to Hollywood, but have instead pursued their passion for making films in Virginia – and have found success doing so. I strongly urge everyone to give this a listen.

Crawler is alive!

And what about CRAWLER? It is moving forward! Visual effects artists Mitch Klein and Brian Anderson are meeting to start outlining the final post-production effects of this much anticipated indie film from Timewarp Films. More information as it becomes available.

Smash or Trash Team Mitch Klein, Leanna Chamish, Robert Long II, Frank Lama

SMASH OR TRASH TV: I got some good news from my friend and co-producer Frank Lama. He is getting the footage of the first episode digitized next week so we can turn over to editor Les Bradley. Two words – freakin’ fantastic! We shot it in February and here it is April, and it gets frustrating that it isn’t moving forward faster. What are you going to do? Real life comes first and both Frank and I have day jobs – you have to do what you have to do to keep the roof over your head, and the entertainment arts have to come 2nd. However this is good news, we have momentum and I am thrilled that this is all coming together! Stay tuned…




Saturday February 5th was the launch of Smash or Trash TV. There is just something unbelievably cool about seeing a dream become a reality. Smash or Trash TV is making its home at the fantastic (and affordable) Blue Omega Entertainment Studios in Annapolis, MD.

George Stover, Leanna Chamish and Frank Lama on the set of Smash or Trash

Alfred Guy, Brian St August and Robert Long II

I will post a LOT more about the experience here in the next week, but here are a few photos from the day courtesy of Les Bradley, Louanna Lee, and Lee Doll.

Lee Doll and Robert Long II

Victoria Lynn, Louanna Lee and Frank Lama

My thanks go out to Frank Lama (my co-host and co-producer), my great guests, and a damn terrific crew!

Hello dear readers! Well, here it is a year and a half into the site and we’re doing great! Lots of interviews and reviews up, but I still need to get a lot more how-to’s up. But I do have a really good one in the works!

I didn’t get a new giveaway up in December. Sorry – just way too busy! However come January 2010 there will be some fantastic movies and other items up for grabs!

Roulette Trailer Erik Myers directed 

Four-Fingered Films, in association with J65 Productions and Meridian Media, proudly presents the first trailer for ROULETTE, a film by Erik Kristopher Myers. Starring Mike Baldwin, Will Haza, Ali Lukowski, Michelle Allegra Murad, Taylor Lee Hitaffer, Jan-David Souter, Troy Russell, Frank Moorman, Dave Kalman, Leanna Chamish, Mark Kilbane, George Stover, Amy Freedman and Frank Lama. Watch the high-quality trailer HERE. Also, check out LUCK OF THE DRAW: THE MAKING OF ROULETTE, a multi-part web series from award-winning film maker Ethan Meyer. This fly-on-the-wall series documents the entire process of putting together a no-budget production in the face of obstacles of all shape and size. Check out the latest installment HERE.

Joe Sherlock promo

We’ve got a new/retro review up too! Filmmaker Joe Sherlock of F & C Productions has been making movies since the mid 1990s, and give us some insights into the ups and downs he has encountered as a micro-budget movie maverick. This interview was originally from 2004, but Mr. Sherlock helpfully updated it for us. You can find the interview HERE.

99% SURE cast and crew

December 12th S or T correspondents Dr. Les Bradley and Leanna Chamish attended the exclusive cast and crew screening of “99% SURE,” a romantic comedy directed by Patrick Taggart. The screening was held at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, and it was standing room only. According to Bradley and Chamish, the movie held the audiences attention and went over well. We hope to review the movie here soon, and possibly interview the director.

Leanna Chamish, Robert Long II, Mitch Klein

There are so many people to thank for making this site possible, but I do need to single out the two that have always been there for me; Mitch Klein and Leanna Chamish. I am blessed with these two very talented people, and glad to have them as close friends. They have been there to kick me in the ass when I needed that – to remind me to keep at my true passion – making movies. Also, a big thank you to you – the readers, and the kind comments you have sent me. We’ll do our best to make the site better than ever!

Dead Hunt review promo

Don Dohler’s DEAD HUNT – I can’t review it, as I worked on it. I don’t think I could be unbiased. However, I was fortunate in that two slasher film experts will be guest reviewing it for the site, and it will go up the first of the new year. Make sure to come back and check it out!

Finally, tis the season for giving, so how about sending a couple of bucks my way to help keep the site running strong? Just click HERE to go to the DONATION link, and we appreciate your support.

 Have a Great 2010!!! 

Roulette poster

Erik Kristopher Myers gives the lowdown to in an interview on what has been happening with his suspense thriller ROULETTE. Click HERE if you dare!

2009 Actor Expo

Last weekend was the Mid Atlantic Actor/Models Expo held in Timonium, MD. It was extremely busy and well-attended. I – along with Leanna Chamish – was there to help out at Les Bradley’s table. Bradley is a seasoned veteran of video production and was there to promote his services for creating affordable, professional demo reels for actors. If you are an actor that needs a DVD or an uploadable file of your best work to show casting directors, Les is the man to go to. He can be contacted at the link below:

Les Bradley Editor and Filmmaker

Now I was there to collect headshots and resumes. I have a few projects coming up that I am writing scripts for. Being that I am still very new to Maryland (I moved here from Los Angeles three years ago) I needed to find out what the talent pool is like in the three-state area. I had makeup artists, costume designers, voice over artists, and union and non-union actors stop by to chat and network. If I have one good piece of advice to all those people I met that visit the sit, it would be to read in detail the interviews I have posted from various performers and filmmakers. Why? Because they really get to the meat of what it takes to make it in the business, the mistakes they have made along the way, and sound advise on how to land that next production job or acting gig.

Besides demo reels by Les Bradly, if you need professional headshots taken, you can’t do much better than to go with one of these two sources. The first being Joe Ripple of Timewarp Films. Joe has been a professional photographer for a few years now and has taken some incredible pictures for people in the entertainment industry, and his rates are very fair. Samples of his work and contact information can be found HERE.

Frederick Bianco of the Mount Royal Printing Company (Baltimore) does up excellent headshot and comp cards for actors and models as well. Go to the Mount Royal Printing website to contact him about their reasonable rates.

Kangas movies

Filmmaker Kevin Kangas (Hunting Humans, Fear of Clowns, Bounty) is going public with his blog diaries from his film shoots. Sometimes funny, sometimes sobering, but always intriguing – these journals offer a fascinating insight into life on a low budget production. They can be found HERE.

Boneyard Collection 2009

If you are in the Fargo, ND area during October 16 through the 18, go check out Valley Con 35. Filmmaker Edward L. Plumb of Hollywood will be doing a special showing of his anthology film THE BONEYARD COLLECTION. This humorous horror movie has a bevy of stars in it from George Kennedy to Ken Foree. Plus actress Leanna Chamish is a knock out as the leather-clad vampiress, and I play an overly ripe corpse on a table during a dinner feast. How can you miss? Details can be found HERE.


Kim Moir Baltimore Filmmaker
Leanna Chamish did a great job interviewing Kim Moir, a Baltimore, MD based independent filmmaker about the lessons he learned shooting his first feature SINSITIVITY. Click on the image to go to the interview!

A few years back Leanna Chamish and I interviewed filmmaker John Bowker in Los Angeles. Due to the the website taking awhile to get up to speed, I am only NOW getting it posted. My apologies to John as he has done a heck of a lot more since then – in fact his new movie PLATOON OF THE DEAD came out this year. It was a great interview with a very prolific writer and director on the lessons he has learned over the years of running a low-budget production company. Check it out – you won’t be dissapointed! Click on the animated banner below to go straight to it:

John Bowker banner

Robert Long II Alexandra Lind

Long story short: there was a preference turned on that should NOT have been turned on – which basically made this site invisible to the web! It is a very strange feeling to be both completely relieved and totally ticked off at the same time when I found this out. So without further ado, welcome back to the site and have fun getting to know it again!


Mark Bedell Header

Stunt Performer Mark Bedell: Part One of a fantastic interview with professional stunt performer Mark Bedell is now up. He talks about his career as well as the DOs and the DON’Ts of stunts – regardless of what the budget of the movie is. Make sure to follow the updates for this in-depth interview.

Ted Bohus banner

Filmmaker Ted A. Bohus: Independent Filmmaker Ted A. Bohus has done several movie productions. In his expansive career behind the camera, he has had to deal with his fair share of distribution hell in order to get his films released. Here at Smash or Trash, Bohus has kindly let us into some of his insights on film distribution; things to prepare yourself for and things to watch out for. His sage advice can save the indie filmmaker a lot of heartache and give them a better chance at a successful release of their project. The interview can be found HERE.

Leanna Chamish banner

Actress Leanna Chamish: Actress and Scream Queen Leanna Chamish gets interviewed about her illustrious career. Check out part one of the amazing in-depth article!

Don Dohler Film Strip

Filmmaker Don Dohler: Producer/Director Don Dohler’s 2005 interview is now up in the interview section of the site. Don had been a mentor to several people in the motion picture industry, and was an inspirational person to many, including myself. There will be more photos added to this interview as time allows. The link to the interview can be found here.

Don Glut banner

Filmmaker Donald F. Glut: My very first interview is up with legendary director Donald Glut. This gentleman inspired John Carpenter and also worked with George Lucas. This interview was so in-depth that I had to make a three-parter out of it. It makes for fascinating reading in the realm of low-budget movie-making.

Kevin Kangas banner

Filmmaker Kevin Kangas: An interview with director/screenwriter Kevin Kangas has been posted. He goes into detail about his first two movies – HUNTING HUMANS and FEAR OF CLOWNS. An excellent read complete with photos so check it out!

Lauren Pellegrino banner

Actress Lauren Pellegrino: A great in-depth interview that collaborator Leanna Chamish did with the talented actress/musician Lauren Pellegrino back in 2005 for my book. Among many national commercials and indie films, she is probably best known – acting wise – for her large supporting role in Kangas Kahn Films’ 2004 hit FEAR OF CLOWNS. This talented performer gives real insights on what she does to prepare and successfully land roles in top notch indie productions. To go to her interview click on the animated banner.

Producer Edward L. Plumb

Filmmaker Edward L. Plumb: The charismatic Hollywood Producer Edward L. Plumb shares his secrets of how to produce an affordable independent movie – with big stars – in tinseltown! Click here for the first part of his interview.

Jacky Header

Actress Jacky Reres: Smash or Trash contributor Leanna Chamish interviews the beautiful, talented star of the “Fear of Clowns” movie franchise about her career. If you are an aspiring actor or actress, you will want to pay close attention to her words of wisdom. You can get to it by clicking here.

Daniel Ross banner

Actor Daniel Ross: Leanna Chamish does a two part interview with actor Daniel Ross about his long and successful career (and this guy is still under 30!). Ross talks about how he broke into the business, what it takes to be a successful actor, and the prep work he does to get into character. Ross also discusses appearing in such movies as CRAWLER, MRS. AMSWORTH, VAMPIRE SISTERS, NINJAS VS ZOMBIES, and LADDER 49. He is also the voice of Starscream on the Transformers video game!!!! To check out part one of this superb interview click HERE.

George Stover banner

Actor George Stover: Star of the small and large screen – veteran character actor George Stover – granted Smash or Trash an interview and we are happy to post in now complete with pics. Stover has appeared in countless movies (including ones for John Waters and Don Dohler), and gives a look into what it takes to become a successful actor. His interview can be found HERE.

Dan Zachary Darkest Hour

Filmmaker Dan Zachary: The interview I did with Filmmaker Dan Zachary of Moviehouse Pictures. He goes into detail on some of the behind-the-scenes info, struggles, and antics he ran into when getting his indie slasher DARKEST HOUR off the ground and finished. He also gives the reader a glimpse into what is coming up next with his company. To check out the cool interview and photos go HERE.