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We wish Smash or Trash TV producer Frank Lama a very happy birthday today. Frank did a great job co-hosting and producing the first episode of Smash or Trash TV. Be on the look out for it soon! 

Tales From the Cellar new look

Mitch Klein’s TALES FROM THE CELLAR gets a new look and some new content. Check it out!

Don Dohler and Robert Long II

This week marks the 4th year since the passing of our good friend and mentor Don Dohler (January 27, 1946 – December 2, 2006). We take a moment to honor the memory of a person that did so much for the independent film community. Rest in peace, Don. You are missed.

Smash or Trash merchandise

Hello everyone,Just got my Smash or Trash Indie Filmmaking baseball jersey yesterday, and I love it! The company doing them did a great job! Also, a buddy of mine (Randall Thomas) just got his Smash or Trash Indie Film-making hat and coffee mug – which are both very cool! You can now get coffee mugs, hats, t-shirts, water bottles, hoodies, and many other items that sport our cool and unique logos, designs, and emblems. These are the perfect gift for yourself or for the independent movie maker in your life. Plus every purchase made goes towards keeping the site and content coming fast and strong for years to come. Click on the images above to go to the new store!

The New Blood, a documentary about a trio of zany, DIY horror filmmakers. 

The New Blood Banner

At the age of 50, they’re finally getting their shot at the big time as fledgling national network Documentary Channel (DISH & Direct TV) produces a feature length documentary on the trio’s work. Our hopes is that you’ll introduce your readers to this unique group so that they can watch the progress of three underdogs, attempting to take their home made productions to the big time! I’ve clicked on the website and checked it out. These guys are hilarious in their quest to get their dreams up on the large or small screen. There are also several youtube clips of their trials and tribulations that you can check out. I sincerely recommend that you click on the banner above and check these guys out, and also to check them out on the Documentary Channel!

X Posse Productions Giveaway

It’s the Beer and Pizza Movie Giveaway!!! Filmmaker Geno McGahee of X Posse Productions has donated these two micro-budget movies for your viewing pleasure! You’ve read my reviews of the films on this site, now’s your chance to own them! Movies perfect for a weekend party blast to get your gang together to watch 100% cheesy goodness on your widescreen. Both come with DVD extras. To enter, email me your name and address and I will put you in for the drawing on April 30th.  Two winners per title. Winners in the US get free shipping, and winners in foreign lands will need to send $4.00 US for S&H. Due to the nature of these productions you must be 17 or over to enter the drawing!

Roulette poster

April 7th, 2010 Erik Kristopher Myers and company wrapped final re-shoots on the movie ROULETTE.  This has been a monumental undertaking for those involved, and we at Smash or Trash wish to congratulate everyone for making it through the project! To catch up on some of the behind-the-scenes madness, click on the Roulette image above to go to part 16 of Luck of the Draw, a documentary by Ethan Meyer. This one dwells on the re-shoots at a high class restaurant in Columbia, MD. Many local filmmakers came out to do cameos that evening. Check it out!

SEALED FATES, Joe Ripple, Fred Cowie, Ryan Thomas, Brian Dragonuk, Leanna Chamish, Tom Tansey


SEALED FATES Premiere and Party!

Date: April 3rd, 2010


Time: 7:00PM to 11:00PM


Location: 91 West Main Street, Westminster, MD


Tickets: $10


Concessions and Cash Bar Available – no one under 17 permitted without adult supervision.

Produced and directed by Joe Ripple of Timewarp Films. Starring Phil Amico, Les Bradley, Mia Chiarella, Frederick Cowie, Karin Crighton, Helenmary Ball, Brian Dragonuck, Leanna Chamish, David Deal, Andrew C. Ely, Nina Ely, Danielle Fluker, Daisy Gibbs, Brian Greenwell, Alfred Guy, Tom Kolberg, Chris LaMartina, Erin Riley, Joe Ripple, Tom Tansey, Ryan Thomas, and Aylor Wells.

A great anthology of claustrophobic horror that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Produced by Timewarp Films, “Brick By Brick,” “Collections,” and “Man’s Best Friend” will leave you gasping for breath! Come out that evening and help support East Coast independent films. Guaranteed a good time! Click on the poster above to watch the cool teaser trailer.

Happy Birthday Smash or Trash!

Happy Birthday Smash or Trash!

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of Smash or Trash! It has been a fun run so far.  Some changes are in the works – all of them positive! I’m very pleased with the traffic the site is getting. Special thanks go to my good friends and collaborators Mitch Klein and Leanna Chamish. Also I could not have done this without those who have contributed their reviews, interviews, and how-tos. I hope you like what you have seen so far, there is much more to come. Take a moment to look over what has been accomplished in the last 24 months!

Robert Long II

Founder of Smash or Trash Independent Film-making

Two for the Road

Wayne Shipley

Independent filmmaker Wayne Shipley (One-Eyed Horse) talks to the guys over at Film Snobbery.com about the challenges he faced doing a Western drama on a modest budget. It makes for a great listen and has a lot of good advice for those that make indie movies. Tune it in HERE.


Independent Filmmaker Kevin Kangas

Independent Filmmaker Kevin Kangas (Hunting Humans, Fear of Clowns, Bounty) goes on record on his site as to just how important it is to have the proper one sheet poster art and publicity stills in order to successfully sell your movies to distributors. Valuable nuggests of wisdom in his article so don’t miss it! You can find it HERE.