Site Dedication: In Producer Don Dohler’s Memory Archive

Special Effects Artist Tom Sullivan (of the Fly II and Evil Dead fame) pays tribute to Producer Don Dohler at the link below. You will find it right after Actress Darla Albornoz’s tribute to Don.

Hello everyone,

I finished up my tour of duty for Horrorfind March 2008 and have to say that it was tremendous fun! I will go into more detail later in one of the columns about it, but there were great people to meet and good lessons to be learned. I helped man the Timewarp Films table and had a blast! Plus, some good money was raised for the charity “Scares That Care.” Kudos to Director Joe Ripple for that! I will have pictures of the event to post soon.

There are nearly 30 links up on the links page now – check em out! I am working on stuff for the advice column and getting a few more interviews up. Right now I have got to get up and start doing the boring side of stuff – like taxes. Stay tuned this week for more stuff going up, and remember to help get the word out about Smash or Trash Independent Filmmaking – where the advice of veterans will help other movie makers make better features!

Don Dohler and Leanna Chamish at the world premiere of VAMPIRE SISTERS

It is the weekend, so I hope to get a decent amount of content up. Today actress Leanna Chamish has her touching eulogy to producer Don Dohler posted. The link is here:

Also, actress Darla Albornoz pays tribute to Don as well, under the site dedication department.

I am busy working on the links and the how-to articles. More content will be up by the end of the weekend. I have been receiving positive comments on the look, feel, and articles that have been posted so far; thank you. There is a LOT more where that came from!

I don’t want to have people come to a bare-bones site, so little by little I am adding more to it. As of today, I have put a brief introduction into the About This Site section, as well as thanking those that have been a tremendous help: Actress Leanna Chamish, Producer Don Dohler, Director Don Glüt, Director Kevin Kangas, Visual Effects Artist Mitch Klein, Producer Edward L. Plumb, and Director Joe Ripple. Also there you will find a damn fine photo of model Alexandra Lind, who poses as a teacher’s aid in the how-to section.

I have also posted a brief dedication to Don Dohler in the site dedication area. Leanna Chamish will be posting more on that within the week.

In the At The Movies section, we have two reviews. The newest one is over Ryan Nicholson’s (of LIVE FEED fame) horror movie GUTTERBALLS, that stars Candice Lewald and Dan Ellis. The second is on Director Kevin Kangas’ (HUNTING HUMANS) horror flick FEAR OF CLOWNS, Starring Rick Ganz, Jacky Reres, Mark Lassise, and Frank Lama.

Also, in the interviews section, the three-parter with the legendary Donald F. Glüt is posted, and is a humorous, fascinating look at Tinseltown independent movie making.

Hopefully the How-To articles, Links, and other interviews will be making their way here in a couple weeks. It’s a lot of work but a lot of fun. Keep checking in often, as there is always something new here.