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This is an INCREDIBLY cool book by author J. A. Kerswell. I did up a review of it (you can read it HERE) and the good folks at  IPG Distribution gave me two copies to give away in a contest – and I have! The drawing was Friday – June 15th at midnight. The two lucky winners are Annette Sowell of North Hollywood, CA and Shannon Kinney of Queen City, TX. Congrats to you both! The prizes will be going out soon!


Joe Ripple Scares That Care

Hello Hello! Well there are a few more things to update this week – let’s get started. First up a sincere congratulations to Joe Ripple and the staff of Scares That Care – a national charity. This past Friday the 13th they we able to raise several thousands of dollars for people in need. Score a 10 out of 10 for this great organization!



     Speaking of Mr. Ripple, what has been going on with Timewarp Films? Well, Mitch Klein and Robert Long have been continually working on CRAWLER and are making progress. What is also very cool to see is that JEBEDIAH has a brand new trailer! I’m really looking forward to seeing a premiere for this.

The Fixer 

     Also in the feature news is that the trailer for the next FIXER film is now live! Starring Paul R. Seiber, Alfred Guy and George Stover, this adventure focuses along the lines of the horrific world of H.P. Lovecraft. Be looking for it to hit DVD in the near future from Lee Doll Film Productions.

After Movie Diner 

     A shout out to our friends over at THE AFTER MOVIE DINER for winning the prestigious 2012 TLA CULT AWARDS for best podcast! Richly deserved and our best go out to Jon Cross and company! Be sure to check out these talented folks – stop by their store and buy a coffee mug! Always something cool and zany going on at the diner.


     On the design front I’ve been busy getting merchandise together for the Smash or Trash Independent Filmmaking SHOP. We are almost done with the Don Dohler art, which will go well with the George Stover line we already carry. Stop by the shop and pick up a t-shirt, poster, or coffee mug. Remember that part of the proceeds will go towards Victim’s of Violent Crimes Organization as well as for a cure against cancer.


     Lastly, don’t forget about our current giveaway, the independent-filmed teen mystery “Little Bit of Love” that we are drawing names for the 1st of May. It received a favorable review from Joseph Henson of THE BODYCOUNT CONTINUES and will be reviewed on the AFTER MOVIE DINER podcast. Our thanks to Lee Doll Film Productions for the DVD, and I want to see you indie fans send in your name and address to for the upcoming drawing.

     Keep supporting independent filmmaking!


HEY! It’s giveaway time at the site again! Filmmaker Lee Doll has provided us with a copy of the 4th installment of ADVENTURES OF LOUANNA LEE “Little Bit of Love” as well as a poster! Everyone’s favorite teen detective is at it again – and this time it’s a whodunit! You can check out the trailer HERE. (Check out Smash or Trash’s Robert Long in the Rod Stewart fright wig – yikes!)

PLOT SUMMARY: A party is planned for Louanna’s grandpa (George Stover), to be held at the Wittingham Manor. But there is tension in the air at the stately home. When the lights suddenly go out, the bodies start to pile up. Can Louanna and Vicky discover the killer’s identity before they become the next victims?

Starring Louanna Lee 
Also starring George Stover, Leanna Chamish and Victoria Lynn 
Guest Starring Jennifer Rouse, Paul R. Seiber, Dylan Hintz and Sam Lukowski
Featuring Les Bradley, Bob Creager, Erik Kristopher Myers, Alfred Guy and Wayne Shipley

Produced and directed by Lee Doll


Screenplay by Mitch Klein 

Associate Producer Wayne Shipley 
Director of Photography Jeff Herberger You know the drill by now! Send your name and address to On May 1st a drawing will be done and the copy of this show will go out to some lucky winner of our website. This Louanna Lee installment is also going to be reviewed by Jon Cross of THE AFTER MOVIE DINER – so don’t delay and sign in for a chance to get your own free copy! 

Dead Hunt winner

Other lucky winners include:

Tina Beckel – Louisiana

Pete Crenshaw – Maryland

Bjarke Johansen – Denmark

Kit Lively – Texas

Johnny Sanders – Oklahoma

Robert Jones – California

Josh Gratton – Canada

David Molle – Ohio

Suzanne Letcher – Illinois

Slasher Movies

Here it is people! The latest Smash or Trash contest where you have a chance at winning some really cool indie horror DVDs!!! To find out just how much you know about your slashers, click on the animated banner above.