Filmmaker Joe Sherlock was our main winner (I never said filmmakers that have been interviewed here couldn’t enter the contests). That means Joe gets the Steven King book (courtesy of filmmaker Kevin Kangas) as well as two DVDs. Congrats to Joe!


So we are done with one giveaway and it’s time for another! What we have is Lee Doll’s RISE AND FALL… IN LOVE. This movie is probably one of the ONLY independently made musicals ever done. Part love story, part Monkees episode, and comes complete with thugs and space aliens. It stars Louanna Lee and the members of the band CLEAR FOR TAKEOFF. So for the month of September, the giveaway courtesy of filmmaker Lee Doll is one copy of the DVD (loaded with extras) and a RISE AND FALL poster. Just send your name and address into and I will put you in for the drawing!


Also, there will be a World premiere of this musical :

“Rise and Fall…in Love” on Sunday October 13, 2013 at 3:00 pm at the Carroll Arts Center in Westminster, Maryland. Tickets are selling quicker than anticipated so please tell your friends, family, and Significant Others to purchase their tickets soon here:


Midnight Marquee Filmmakers Gary and Sue Svehla have been very busy on their independently done space opera Stellar Quasar and the Scrolls of Dadelia. Here is an email I got from Sue: “Thanks for asking about the movie. I’m about 3/4 of the way through editing and about 1/2 done with spfx. Mitch (Klein) is doing the ships, but I’m working on the rest… Also, our 4 hour documentary Midnight Madness is being retitled and released to big box stores and other retailers by Reality Entertainment, probably in October. Also being released is The Ed Wood Awards from Monster Rally, 1999, a documentary on Robert Wise and finally the Christopher Lee talk from Monster Rally, 1999. The complete over 1 and a half hour talk is being released.

Balloon packaging 04

Video Labs – my day time job in Rockville, MD – recently helped release on DVD a Time/Life documentary that was done way back in 1971. It was shown on television and deals with a gent by the name of Bob Waligunda. He flew his balloon named AMERICA from San Francisco to New York city. It is a really awesome documentary, and yours truly was honored with getting to design the DVD art. If this topic would be something your are interested in, you can pick up a copy HERE.


Lastly, I will be putting up a page about MADHOUSE MANOR, the horror movie I will be working on soon. There has been a lot of buzz about this movie and I can’t believe my good fortune – I have makeup people, stunt performers – and even one of the actors from the original MY BLOODY VALENTINE contacted me about it. Now that’s cool! But I am not going to place the cart before the horse; there is preproduction to do and funds to be raised. I will be making detailed updates to the MADHOUSE MANOR page, and I will be doing it often. Want to be an investor, want to try out for a part, want to be part of the crew? All information is coming soon. Stay tuned.

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