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New Timewarp Films Project Seeks Actors!



Getting ready to cast some actors for an instructional DVD shooting during one weekend in April. Pay and food, along with credit and copy provided. Videotaped auditions welcome, actors must excel in improvisation.

Needed are the following; Extremely Arrogant actor (M or F), Slimy Creepy Filmmaker (M), Extremely hot and sexy actress (F – NO NUDITY), Older Actor (50-60 Age rage), Bumbling Actor (M or F) along with a few other small speaking roles. If interested, send headshot/video audition/questions to timewarpfilms@comcast.net.

Think of every audition you have ever been on. If you’ve seen something rude, strange or laughable, re-enact it for your audition and send it in!

Best –

Joe Ripple

PresidentTimewarp Films, LLC.

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