We go into August and I don’t have a whole lot for an update. Seems the Smash or Trash headquarters had to be fumigated for bedbugs (no joke) so I have been spending my spare time basically boxing and bagging everything so Terminex can do their magic. Oof.

Leanna Demo reel

On the brighter side of things, our good friend actress Leanna Chamish has updated her demo reel with some of her recent commercial and movie roles. I urge everyone to check it out  at this LINK.  Her agency rep’s number is listed if you would like to hire this talented actress.


Smash or Trashers Leanna Chamish and Mitch Klein appear on an internationally distributed chess book by author David Rudel. I thought that was pretty awesome that they got that gig. You can learn more about the book HERE.

As far as anything else? Well, once the place gets back in order it will be back to more updates and reviews – plus editing on CRAWLER. So until then, stay tuned…

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