Dan Zachary Darkest Hour

We are going to do a little spotlight on a very cool and prolific filmmaker – Dan Zachary. Back in 2009 I interviewed Dan (you can find that interview HERE) but he and his company MOVIE HOUSE PICTURES has been so busy since then. Let’s check out some video and trailers from his productions.

Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour is a very cool slasher thriller that came out in 2006. Since it has hit its 10 year anniversary, Zachary may be putting out at jammed-packed DVD/Blu ray full of bonus materials as well as new scenes for the film. Check out the trailer and video clips:

Mortal Remains is another motion picture Zachary put together in the horror vein. Here are some behind the scenes video of the shoot:

Slow To Decay (2009) is a vampire-based motion picture produced by Movie House Pictures. Here is the trailer:

AC poster

American Conjuring (known as Bind in the UK) is a really spooky ghost movie about a family that moves into a very troubled house. Co-directed with Dan Walton. Here is the trailer and some video:

So definitely check out the work of this really talented filmmaker. You can also keep up with what he is working on through his facebook page.