This television program is in the works. Three initial episodes will be produced in January with several guests and guest hosts. The focus will be to bring attention to talented indie filmmakers, as well as helping all filmmakers make better films on a limited budget. It will start with regional East Coast movie makers, and with some good will it will continue and branch out world-wide. The format will include interviews, reviews of independent movies, and how to do super movies with limited means. It will be produced by Frank Anthony Lama (Fear of Clowns movie series, Swarm of the Snakehead) and the host will be Robert Long II (Founder of Smash or Trash Independent Film-making).

UPDATE: Had a 4 hour meeting with Producer Frank Lama last Saturday, and it went great! We went over the list of possible guests, topics, themes, and format. This is an exciting opportunity that we hope comes to fruition! If the schedule works out we will be going behind the scenes of filmmaker Kevin Kangas’ new movie GARDEN OF HEDON – too cool. More details as they are available.

Coming up: Reviews, reviews, reviews!!! Guest reviewer Amanda Reyes will be giving us the breakdown of “Lovin’ Fool” the latest episode of the Adventures of Louanna Lee. I will be getting up the reviews for Erik Kristopher Myer’s ROULETTE, Endlight Entertainment’s NINJAS VS VAMPIRES, and Robert Hatari’s THE MURDER GAME.

There is much more coming down the pike, so stay tuned!

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