Scream Queen death scene from DEAD HUNT (2008)

Photos and images courtesy of Joesph McClurkin, Leanna Chamish, and Robert Long II ©2010

This will be a three-part article on how a particular special effect was achieved safely for the slasher thriller DEAD HUNT. Part one will be by Joseph McClurkin of Joe was the lead special makeup effects technician for the production, and was responsible for the props necessary for pulling off the physical effects for the movie. Part one, which is doing the head cast of an actor for this effect, was accomplished at Director Joe Ripple’s house. Ripple also assisted with the head casting.

Joseph McClurkin:

1. Actress Leanna Chamish before the work gets started. 2. We first wet her hair and put a plastic trash bag around her to protect her clothes.


Molding prep 01

3. Next I place a bald wig on her to protect her hair, gluing it down with spirit gum. 4. This shot is of me gluing the bald cap down. Also, Vaseline is put over her eyebrows so as to not pull on them during the cast removal.


Molding prep 02

5. Alginate is mixed and put on Leanna’s face (we only have about 4 to 6 minutes to do this). 6. Here we continue to spread alginate (it is like getting a facial at a health spa or salon).


Alginate is applied

7. A helpful tip: being careful to let Leanna know what is going on and keeping her calm, I try to talk all the time so that the person does not get scared from being in the dark. 8. The process continues. It starts to set. The nose is the last area to be done.


Alginate starts to set

9. Almost ready. 10. I’m taking a posed shot, but I’m really waiting for the alginate to set.


Waiting for the alginate to set

11. After the alginate sets, I start to put wet plaster bandages over the alginate. This will help hold the shape when I take the cast off. 12. You must put at least 3 layers over the entire piece to hold the shape; if the person is still calm – more is better.


Applying the plaster bandages

13. After the layers are on, you must wait for the plaster to set so that it will hold the shape. So far this has taken about 20 minutes. 14. I keep talking to Leanna and checking that the air passages are clear so she can breathe.


Finishing layering the plaster bandages


15. Now Leanna must sit and wait.  I keep talking or have music playing to relax the person. 16. When plaster is hard she moves her face muscles to loosen the alginate.


Ready to take the mold off


17. I’m using a soft brush to help release the mold from Leanna. 18. Leanna safe and happy.  I am trying to keep the alginate set in the plaster bandages.


The mold is carefully taken off


 19. Side by side with Leanna and the negative mold. Part 2 coming soon!


Leanna Chamish side - by - side with the negative mold.


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