FIXER animation

The FIXER “The Power of Balance” (2010)

Production Company: Lee Doll Film Productions

Genre: Detective Drama

Location: Baltimore, MD area

Starring: Brian St. August – The Fixer • Alfred Guy – Yeb-Beb • Wayne Shipley – Dt. O’Bannon

Special Guest Stars: Victoria Lynn • Connie Lamothe • Kim Hoang • Will Haza

Special Appearances by: Louanna Lee • Robert Long II • Bryan Johnson • Andre Hearn • Katie Hearn • April Christina • Bob Clark • Jason Presson • Monique Dupree • Mary Mayer • Sarah Malasky • Chelsea Juergensen • Amos Johnson • Marcus Johnson

Produced and Directed by: Lee Doll

Director of Photography: Jeff Herberger

Associate Producer: Alfred Guy

Special Visual Effects: Mitch Klein

Screenplay: Steve Rifkin

Story by: Ryan Thomas based on characters created by Lee Doll

Assistant Director and Production Design: Robert Long II

2nd Unit Camera: Mitch Klein

Still Photographer: Claire Brown

Makeup: Kate Presson

1st Production Assistant: Jason Presson

2nd Production Assistant: Louanna Lee

“Talented people and a fun project. It’s always a good time with the folks at Lee Doll Film Productions” Will Haza – Actor

“The many talented people involved in this project all believe in The Fixer. We are all looking for Heroes to fix our broken lives. When dreams are shattered and our existence is torn apart, the world needs The Fixer now!” Lee Doll – Producer

“I am fortunate to have so many great positive people as friends on this production. Those who I consider stars have accepted me as a peer. I will always appreciate Lee Doll for seeing potential in me. This is a magical time in my life.”Alfred Guy – Actor

“I’m so glad that I was able to be a part of “The Fixer”. Everyone is doing a fantastic job, the finished product will be a hit!” Louanna Lee – Actress

“Lee Doll has a way of empowering people to do things they have never tried before.” Steve Rifkin – Screenwriter

“My entire involvement in The Fixer has been  such a great privilege for me.  Everything has been an amazing experience, and I am so thankful to be working with such talented people.” Victoria Lynn – Actress