Don Dohler 1979

Okay, you see this cool photo? This is courtesy of John Dods – filmmaker and special makeup effects wizard times 10. John and I are Facebook friends, and he recently posted a TON of never before seen photos from the 1st (1979) Nightbeast shoot. Talk about a walk down memory lane. The thin handsome gent seen above is Don Dohler, the Godfather of Do ItYourself Indie Filmmaking.  This was taken on location back in 1979. Thanks for sharing John!


The above 1979 photo is of John Dods, the creator of the look of the Nightbeast. Here he has Bob Bohus try on the creature’s head and hand appliances. This was taken down in John’s basement studio, where he also created the creature for THE DEADLY SPAWN (many of the scenes were shot there as well). John also is an incredible stop motion animator, and his short FOREST STORY can be found on Youtube.


This photo was provided to Dods by John Ellis. Ellis is now a working effects artist in Hollywood. Here is a 1979 photo of him airbrushing the details of the balsa wood spaceship model from NIGHTBEAST. The wood was so light that John had to fill it with pennies to give it weight.

Hopefully more to come!