Timewarp Juggle

Update article by Robert Long II ©2010

So what’s been going on with Timewarp Films as of late? Well, unfortunately their website hasn’t been updated for some time, but inquiring minds want to know! As you will see in the following report, Joe Ripple has quite a juggling act on his hands right now. This is news from my observations, as well as what can be gleamed from other web-based news services.

Robert Long II with Brian Greenwell, star of Jebediah

As of September 19th 2010, filmmaker Joe Ripple had completed principle photography on “Jebediah” a new horror movie from Timewarp Films. This was a two week straight shoot that involved many people in front of as well as behind the camera. Helemary Ball was in charge of costuming, Robert Ziegler (Blood Oath) had his hands full as the production manager, and movie critic A. Steven Pattee was in charge of shooting the behind-the-scenes footage. There are many familiar Timewarp Film faces in this production – including Frederick Cowie, Daisy Gibb, Mitch Klein (Stakes), Alfred Guy and the welcome return of genre legend George Stover (The Alien Factor). East Coast filmmakers Kevin Kangas (Garden of Hedon) and Lee Doll (The Adventures of Louanna Lee) make special guest cameo appearances in the production. This is a break out role for Brian Greenwell (Los Locos) and he does a great job as the title character. Brian is also just a super all around guy and great to hang out with.

SEALED FATES, Joe Ripple, Fred Cowie, Ryan Thomas, Brian Dragonuk, Leanna Chamish, Tom Tansey

“Sealed Fates” is the next horror movie to see the light of day. This completed film was premiered in the Spring of 2010 to a great response. This motion picture is comprised of three stories – the main theme of it being claustrophobia.

“Brick By Brick” is about a young couple that buys a house that holds a terrible secret past. The screenplay was written by Mitch Klein and stars Frederick Cowie (Bounty), Karin Crighton, Helenmary Ball (Witch’s Brew), David Deal, Leanna Chamish (The Boneyard Collection), Daisy Gibb, Danielle Fluker, Brian Greenwell (Jebediah) and Alfred Guy (The Fixer).

“Collections” is about three men trapped in an elevator – and one of them is a killer. Penned by Joe Ripple, this segment stars Ryan Thomas (President’s Day), Brian Dragonuk, Gary Sugai, Chris LaMartina (Grave Mistakes), Andrew C. Ely (Dead Hunt) and Phil Amico.

“Man’s Best Friend” deals with a female boss that spends a nightmare evening with an employee and his dog. The screenplay was written by Mitch Klein (based on a short story by Robert Long II) and stars Tom Tansey (one of the East Coast’ premiere actors), Mia Chiarella, and Aylor Wells (Invader).

Irish composer Ronnie Doyle did an incredible score for the movie, and Leanna Chamish did her usual fantastic job editing the behind-the-scenes documentary. These “docs” are often the highlight of the special features and are well loved by fans. Joe Ripple usually puts together a blooper reel for the projects too. The commentary tracks on a Timewarp Film are always filled with stories and information about the production, and this being Ripple’s breakout movie, I’m sure there will be plenty to discuss. Unfortunately this movie does not have a facebook page like Jebediah‘s, so here’s looking forward that it gets one, and that the film gets out on the festival, review, and distribution market soon; it’s THAT good!

Crawler, Joe Ripple, Don Dohler, Mitch Klein

“Crawler” is an independent science fiction film that has a history going all the way back to 2003. Penned by Joe Ripple this goes back to familiar territory for Don Dohler fans. It stars Darla Albornoz (Vampire Sisters), Justin Timpane (Ninjas vs Zombies), Daniel Ross (Transformers), John Patrick Barry (Dead Hunt), James Keegan, Nikki O’Dell, as well as returning genre favorites Don Leifert (Fiend), Richard Dyszel (Nightbeast), and George Stover (Blood Massacre). Due to some makeup effect difficulties early into production, it was decided to do the creature in CG. Work was going to continue after the premiere of DEAD HUNT, when producer Don Dohler tragically succumbed to two types of cancer in 2006. He had been in the process of editing the movie, while visual effects artist Mitch Klein redesigned the title creature. The movie went on hiatus while Timewarp Films regrouped and started production on SEALED FATES. Now that one film is completed and the other has wrapped principle photography, the spotlight once again falls on CRAWLER. Mitch Klein has been busy on the redesign of the title beast, and it is looking fantastic! He has really outdone everything that he has done in the past. When finished, this will be the monster you wished there was a model kit for. Some actors and crew members get concerned when there is no current news on the projects they were part of. Fear not; there is one really great thing above all else about a Timewarp Film; part of Joe Ripple‘s pep talk at the beginning of any production is about what can be expected at the wrap of the film; the cast and crew WILL get to see their hard work released!

So that’s about all I know that’s going on. Those of you that are fan’s of Timewarp Films or want to know more about these movies can contact Joe through his facebook page. Also, if you are an actor that needs a new headshot, I STRONGLY urge you to contact him, as he is an excellent professional still photographer.