Adventures of Louanna Lee Lovin Fool

Not much of an update for the site lately. My apologies for that. I have a couple of reviews in the works (Boxing Day gets posted next) but I need to get more interviews and how-to’s up as well. Let’s just say the day job has kept me really busy, and between that and the freelance art and movie gigs, I’m holding down two full time jobs without a moment to breathe.

So the 3rd episode of Louanna Lee – “Lovin’ Fool” – is pretty much finished and ready to be sent off for replication. Lee Doll – CEO of Lee Doll Film Productions – has been prolific in the past year’s time. He has produced numerous music videos, three episodes of The Adventures of Louanna Lee, and is in pre-production for his new crime drama series THE FIXER (starring Brian St. August and Alfred Guy). I have to say that I am impressed with his output. There are those that talk big and there are those that get off their ass and DO things. Lee Doll is a doer. For more information about this production, click on the image above.

2 Responses to “Louanna Lee 3rd Episode is done!”  

  1. 1 Mitch

    Thanks for the kind words. It was fun to work on the project. Looking forward to Episode 4.

  2. 2 Lee Doll

    WOW! What a dream come true for me!

    I have surrounded myself with some of the most talented people ever. Rob gives me credit, but without those talented people that provide their Divine gifts, I am nothing.

    Credit should be given to the fine actors and crew that keep striving to make each production better than the ones before.

    I am very grateful and humbled by it all.

    ps: Order your copy NOW !

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