Spotlight on Barry Murphy: Character Actor and Friend by Robert Long II

This past week, Barry Gregory Murphy passed away. He was a retiree from AT&T, and was the beloved patriarch of a large family. He was getting prepped for another round of heart surgery when he fell into cardiac arrest at his home. He died peacefully in the arms and presence of his family.

A Small Sample of Barry’s Movies

He was also a Maryland-based character actor. He appeared in several productions, including those of cult movie directors Don Dohler and Sue Svehla. 

Barry in “Terror in the Pharaoh’s Tomb”

Barry was incredibly talented and always added a spark and a smile to everything he was involved with. Several times he would be the highlight of a scene as he said something funny with a grin on his cherubic face.

Barry in “Terror in the Tropics”

He was also part of a close set of friends that would get together – once a month – to watch 16mm prints of old television shows and movies.  This included everything from Sci Fi to Horror to Westerns. Barry would show up, usually with treats to share with everyone. One time he got teased because he brought donuts where all the glaze had melted off. We told him he’d brought “sweaty donuts.”

Here are a couple things a couple of his friends have said:

From Mitch Klein: “Feel free to include this little gem. The outtakes are hilarious.”

From Gene Crowell: “My greatest memories of Barry were of the “two insulting guys” shtick routine we would always do when we first would see each other at conventions or Fanex meetings or gatherings. 

The back and forth would go something like this:

Me: How ya doing you stupid asshole?

Barry: Fine you big eared son-of-a-bitch!

This would go on for several rounds. 

Then we always followed by a great big hug. People never knew if we really disliked each other or just kidding but it was great fun.”

Barry (seated) appearing in CRAWLER

Barry believed in a film project I am preparing to do. He was going to appear in it. I am saddened that it will now not come to pass. This tribute is my small way on the internet in honoring a very talented, wonderful man, as well as a good friend.

If you have any stories you would like to share about Barry Murphy, please get in touch with me.

Rest In Peace, Barry.