Hello dear readers! Well, here it is a year and a half into the site and we’re doing great! Lots of interviews and reviews up, but I still need to get a lot more how-to’s up. But I do have a really good one in the works!

I didn’t get a new giveaway up in December. Sorry – just way too busy! However come January 2010 there will be some fantastic movies and other items up for grabs!

Roulette Trailer Erik Myers directed 

Four-Fingered Films, in association with J65 Productions and Meridian Media, proudly presents the first trailer for ROULETTE, a film by Erik Kristopher Myers. Starring Mike Baldwin, Will Haza, Ali Lukowski, Michelle Allegra Murad, Taylor Lee Hitaffer, Jan-David Souter, Troy Russell, Frank Moorman, Dave Kalman, Leanna Chamish, Mark Kilbane, George Stover, Amy Freedman and Frank Lama. Watch the high-quality trailer HERE. Also, check out LUCK OF THE DRAW: THE MAKING OF ROULETTE, a multi-part web series from award-winning film maker Ethan Meyer. This fly-on-the-wall series documents the entire process of putting together a no-budget production in the face of obstacles of all shape and size. Check out the latest installment HERE.

Joe Sherlock promo

We’ve got a new/retro review up too! Filmmaker Joe Sherlock of F & C Productions has been making movies since the mid 1990s, and give us some insights into the ups and downs he has encountered as a micro-budget movie maverick. This interview was originally from 2004, but Mr. Sherlock helpfully updated it for us. You can find the interview HERE.

99% SURE cast and crew

December 12th S or T correspondents Dr. Les Bradley and Leanna Chamish attended the exclusive cast and crew screening of “99% SURE,” a romantic comedy directed by Patrick Taggart. The screening was held at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, and it was standing room only. According to Bradley and Chamish, the movie held the audiences attention and went over well. We hope to review the movie here soon, and possibly interview the director.

Leanna Chamish, Robert Long II, Mitch Klein

There are so many people to thank for making this site possible, but I do need to single out the two that have always been there for me; Mitch Klein and Leanna Chamish. I am blessed with these two very talented people, and glad to have them as close friends. They have been there to kick me in the ass when I needed that – to remind me to keep at my true passion – making movies. Also, a big thank you to you – the readers, and the kind comments you have sent me. We’ll do our best to make the site better than ever!

Dead Hunt review promo

Don Dohler’s DEAD HUNT – I can’t review it, as I worked on it. I don’t think I could be unbiased. However, I was fortunate in that two slasher film experts will be guest reviewing it for the site, and it will go up the first of the new year. Make sure to come back and check it out!

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 Have a Great 2010!!! 

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