Ted Bohus

February 6th marks a birthday for indie filmmaker Ted A. Bohus. Ted is a prolific filmmaker and editor and is probably best known for his cult classic THE DEADLY SPAWN. He also gave Smash or Trash some great insights into the hells of movie distribution. Make sure you read it!
      Smash or Trash now has a fan page on facebook!  Click HERE to become a fan and to check out what is new! Remember when I said I have some new articles going up soon? Well, I am right in the middle of doing them. Here is a sneak peek at the two soon to go up! The first is an article on blue screening and green screening:

Blue screening and green screening

Next is a two part article on how to safely light a Scream Queen on fire!  Joseph McClurkin was the special effects artist on the movie DEAD HUNT, and he and I will be showing the readers step-by-step how one of the most horrendous death scenes was done for the movie. Both of these articles will be posted in the very near future!

Burn Victim from DEAD HUNT

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