Carroll Arts Center

Thanks to all those that came out April 3rd, 2010 for the SEALED FATES World Premiere. Some participants traveled as far as Indiana, Virginia, and parts of Pennsylvania to be there, and it was appreciated. Overall it turned out incredible, and was well attended. Filmmakers such as Kevin Kangas (Fear of Clowns), Lee Doll (Adventures of Louanna Lee), Chris LaMartina (President’s Day) and Jimmy George (Book of Lore) were there, plus East Coast celebrity Dick Dyszel (Count Gore De Vol, Captain 20, Bozo the Clown).

Carroll Arts Center Marquee

Producer/director Joe Ripple got up on the stage to say a few words, thanking everyone for coming out to the event. He then showed four trailers of movies done by local production companies. Before the start of the main attraction, Joe gathered the crew up on the stage to be introduced and to get a well-deserved round of applause. He also had the event videotaped for musician Ronnie Doyle, the composer of SEALED FATES. He is based in Ireland and could not make the event. A shame really, as his score added a tremendous amount of impact to the movie.

Leanna Chamish in front of Carroll Arts center marquee

The premiere itself was held at the Carroll Arts Center in Westminster, MD; a beautiful facility. My one regret in the evening is that the playback system was not what it could have been. It played the trailers, the movie, and the behind-the-scenes footage too dark on the theater screen, and I felt the sound was too hot. This did hurt the enjoyment value of the movie some, and I hope when people get to see it on DVD, they will be seeing it as it truly is – with good lighting, sound, color and contrast.

Lee Doll in front of Carroll Arts Center Marquee

All three stories (Brick By Brick, Collections, Man’s Best Friend) had terrific acting across the board; probably the strongest cast that Timewarp Films has had to date – and also one of the largest casts as well. It was unfortunate that Tom Tansey (Man’s Best Friend) could not be there for the event; he is a full time actor and was doing a stage play. I let him know in an email how well-received his performance was!

Mitch Klein and Family with Leanna Chamish

It was a wonderful experience to have people come up to me after the screening to tell me they enjoyed the movie and “Man’s Best Friend.” I was introduced on the stage as the person that “wrote” that story, but I want to clarify that the lion’s share of kudos should go to screenwriter Mitch Klein, who wrote a knockout screenplay from it. Without him – as well as the talented cast and hard-working crew – it would not have turned out anywhere near as good. My humble thanks go out to Mitch for bringing flesh and bone to the story.

Mitch Klein and Leanna Chamish

We only got to see a snippet of documentarian Leanna Chamish’ behind the scenes featurette, but I cannot wait to watch it in its entirety! I feel she does some of the best featurettes out there in the indie market. As Timewarp Films lost filmmaker Don Dohler to cancer four years ago, she has done it to be a sort of “passing of the torch” documentary with a little history on Don, and then diving into the first day of production with Joe Ripple at the helm. It looks incredible! I have no idea when the movie will be coming to DVD, but I hope it is soon. That making of will just be another jewel in the crown that makes up this movie.

Michelle and Joe Ripple

BRICK BY BRICK written by Mitch Klein. “The Campbells got their dream house for a bargain, but the secret it holds may cost them their lives!” Stars Helemary Ball, Les Bradley, Leanna Chamish, Frederick Cowie, Karin Crighton, David Deal, Nina Ely, Danielle Fluker, Brian Greenwell, Alfred Guy, Joe Ripple, and Daisy Gibbs.

Leanna Chamish at ticket table

COLLECTIONS written by Joe Ripple. “Three men are trapped in an elevator – and that is the least of their worries…” Stars Phil Amico, Ron Clark, Brian Dragonuk, Andrew C. Ely, Sean A. Harrison, Mitch Klein, Tim Kolberg, Chris LaMartina, Charles Roe, Mike Roden, Gary Sugai, and Ryan Thomas.

Joe Ripple and Marcea Pierson

MAN’S BEST FRIEND written by Mitch Klein and Robert Long II. “A shunned, private man and his canine spend an evening filled with terror.” Stars Mia Chiarella, Monique Curtis, Kelly Klein, Marcea Pierson, Tom Tansey, and Aylor Wells.

Steve and Lauren Rifkin and Leanna Chamish

 QUOTE: “Now this one was an interesting tale in that it opens with one idea in mind and more than half way through the film you could swear you know how things are going to go down but, I was wrong. Very wrong, but wrong in a very good way for me, I will not say what good way because it would spoil the twist but I would recommend it.” – Randall Thomas on his thoughts about COLLECTIONS

Steve Myers

QUOTE: “It was a film I knew I had to see again to catch more of the nuances of the stories, especially Brick By Brick.  I was intrigued by seeing how the stories were interwoven.  This complexity really kept me on the edge of my seat as the different themes and their motivations played out.  I got it — I followed the story quite well; but there are enough subtleties that I want to see the film again to get the full story and the stories behind the story.
There are many layers of the script that, no doubt, will continue to reveal themselves with each viewing.  It’s this quality that makes for great film writing.” – Les Bradley of Les Bradley Productions

Aylor Wells and Robert Long II

QUOTE: “Robert, thank you very much for this e-mail and for your kind words about my performance as Mr. Dog-Happy in Man’s Best Friend.  It was a pleasure working on your and Mitch’s script!  I’m just sorry I couldn’t be there at the big premiere.” – Tom Tansey, actor 

Les Bradley and Chris LaMartina

QUOTE: “At the premiere, which I was fortunate enough to attend, I overheard persons in attendance describe this story as both dark and creepy. Both are worthy descriptions of this tale of a distraught pet owner trying to care for his sick dog – Pixie – while being pestered by him employer to get his job done. This story is by far my favorite of the three and by the end you will be thinking, poor, poor, Pixie. Oh, and remember to try a cup of coffee, it is a special blend.” – Randall Thomas on his thoughts about Man’s Best Friend

Joe Ripple, Andrew C. Ely, Nina Ely

QUOTE: “You put that screenwriting together with the cinematography, editing and post-production effects — all your work, along with the directing of Joe Ripple, the acting, the set design, makeup, costumes and music, to make an award-winning collection.  Everyone involved with this project will have something to be proud of for their resumés.” – Les Bradley of Les Bradley Productions.

Mia Chiarella and Karin Crighton

Leanna Chamish, Randall Thomas, Robert Long II

Helenmary Ball

Crowd in the lobby

Actor Aylor Wells and his wife Amy

Joe Ripple

Actor Alfred Guy

theatre crowd

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