Smash or Trash crew

Saturday August 3rd, 2011 saw Mitch Klein and myself heading to Gettysburg, PA for Horrofind 13. There we were able to meet up with two other members of Smash or Trash – Les Bradley and Leanna Chamish (Frank Lama and Judy Furlow were unable to attend). Horrorfind had been held for years at the Marriot in Hunt Valley, MD (a location I loved) but it doesn’t matter where it is held, as long as it is fun!

Lee Doll display

The first order of business was to watch the 2nd episode of the Louanna Lee adventure “I’m Here To Tell You” which is produced by Lee Doll Film Productions. Helping Lee run the booth is the incredible makeup artist Kate Presson (not pictured). Also – Friday night actress Louanna Lee was on hand to meet he fans and sign autographs. Now Mitch and I got there Saturday because the was a showing of the 2nd episode of the “Adventures of Louanna Lee” which just happened to guest star East Coast celebrity Count Gore De Vol (Dick Dyszel) and award winning actor Will Haza (Roulette). The screening was held in an actual movie theatre and it was AMAZING to see it up on the big screen!

Lee Doll Leanna Chamish

A photo from Friday – the opening night (photo by Les Bradley). Actress Leanna Chamish visits Lee Doll’s booth in one of her usual show-stopping outfits. She also co-stars on the Louanna Lee episodes. You know, I had to admit I was wondering how well Lee was going to do at his booth. While he had a couple of horror and sci-fi related things on hand, he was mainly there to sell Lee Doll Film Production products. Surrounded by wall to wall vendors of all things spooky, I feared he might be a fish out of water. I was happily surprised to find out he did just fine over the weekend!

Joe Ripple Scares That Care

Joe Ripple runs the security at Horrorfind (being a former detective and police officer) and a few years back he helped launch SCARES THAT CARE – a terrific organization of horror related folks. What these people do it help set up charities for needy children, as well as raising funds to help wipe out diseases. They run fun events and have great prizes for their raffles. For more information on these awesome-hearted people and SCARES THAT CARE, click HERE.

Jason Patrick Presson and Mitch Klein

A very svelte Jason Patrick Presson and Mitch Klein hang out in the dealer’s room of Horrorfind 13. Both of these gentlemen are incredibly talented with a true passion for independent film-making. Mitch has been involved with the new and improved creature for the movie CRAWLER – which is looking unbelievably good. The one thing I noticed at this Horrorfind is that the dealer’s room was much, much smaller than what I am used to. I did not come across too many horror DVD dealers (which is the main reason I go). Also – dealers need to learn to TALK to people as they go by the tables. If someone is looking at the new movie you put out, the book you have written, the costumes you have sewn, or the creepy merchandise on display – smile and talk to them! Don’t sit there all sulky texting your friends about how bored you are.

Les Bradley and Leanna Chamish

Les Bradley and Leanna Chamish helped run the costume contest entry table with Horrorfind host Count Gore De Vol. Les has been in the video business for years and has his own production company. He has been intricate to the success and completion of the first episode of Smash or Trash TV. You can learn more about his production company HERE. Leanna Chamish is an accomplished actress and scream queen of note. She has been the right hand gal at Smash or Trash since it started. You can read up on her acting exploits HERE. It was great to see plenty of other actors and filmmakers show up for the convention, including John Patrick Barry, Paul R. Sieber, Alfred Guy, Curtis Prather, Armando Valle, Helenmary Ball, Andrew and Nina Ely, Frederick Cowie, Erik Thornett, and Chris LaMartina.



Les Bradley captured a candid picture of Smash or Trash’s fearless leader sporting the new t-shirts. What? You haven’t ordered one yet? What are you – a commie? You can order yours HERE. Overall I enjoyed the day there. It got to be a little too claustrophobic with the wall – to – wall people so Mitch and I headed out about 4:30 in the afternoon. I’m sure there would have been some original movies that would be fun to check out (as well as the awesome costume contest!) but we had to hit the road. There were several celebrities there including Sid Haig. The big draw was some of the stars from a show called True Blood – but to be honest I have never seen it. Also John Waters was on hand Friday Night.

See you there next year – now back to making movies…