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Happy 2012!

Smash or Trash computer

Well! Here we are in 2012. I am off sabbatical (it was good I went on one – I feel recharged) and am back to working on the site AND independent film projects. Pictured above is the Christmas/birthday gift I gave myself. I now have the means to REALLY kick some butt with the site as well as movie making. I hope this means the updates will be more frequent. There are a couple of things I’d like to do starting this year, and have a partial list:

1. Smash or Trash is now on twitter. Look us up under smashrtrashfilm and follow us about movie bits and site updates!

2. I hope to have a revamp of the site up sooner than later so videos, hot buttons and other things can be installed on the main page.

3. Now that I have editing software, let’s hope that Smash or Trash Television  gets more episodes made on a timely basis.

4. I want to look into doing podcasts for the site as well.

5. Yes, we will get some banner ads. It’s all about covering the site’s costs. Don’t forget to shop our store for cool Smash or Trash items! Every sale and donation helps keep the site going.

So, starting tonight I’ll be getting the updates going again. We have a couple of movie reviews by Joseph Henson and Judith Furlow – so that will come soon – along with a new contest! Stay tuned and let’s see Smash or Trash’s 4th year kick some major ass!

Smash or Trash creator Robert Long

2009 Actor Expo

Last weekend was the Mid Atlantic Actor/Models Expo held in Timonium, MD. It was extremely busy and well-attended. I – along with Leanna Chamish – was there to help out at Les Bradley’s table. Bradley is a seasoned veteran of video production and was there to promote his services for creating affordable, professional demo reels for actors. If you are an actor that needs a DVD or an uploadable file of your best work to show casting directors, Les is the man to go to. He can be contacted at the link below:

Les Bradley Editor and Filmmaker

Now I was there to collect headshots and resumes. I have a few projects coming up that I am writing scripts for. Being that I am still very new to Maryland (I moved here from Los Angeles three years ago) I needed to find out what the talent pool is like in the three-state area. I had makeup artists, costume designers, voice over artists, and union and non-union actors stop by to chat and network. If I have one good piece of advice to all those people I met that visit the sit, it would be to read in detail the interviews I have posted from various performers and filmmakers. Why? Because they really get to the meat of what it takes to make it in the business, the mistakes they have made along the way, and sound advise on how to land that next production job or acting gig.

Besides demo reels by Les Bradly, if you need professional headshots taken, you can’t do much better than to go with one of these two sources. The first being Joe Ripple of Timewarp Films. Joe has been a professional photographer for a few years now and has taken some incredible pictures for people in the entertainment industry, and his rates are very fair. Samples of his work and contact information can be found HERE.

Frederick Bianco of the Mount Royal Printing Company (Baltimore) does up excellent headshot and comp cards for actors and models as well. Go to the Mount Royal Printing website to contact him about their reasonable rates.

Kangas movies

Filmmaker Kevin Kangas (Hunting Humans, Fear of Clowns, Bounty) is going public with his blog diaries from his film shoots. Sometimes funny, sometimes sobering, but always intriguing – these journals offer a fascinating insight into life on a low budget production. They can be found HERE.

Boneyard Collection 2009

If you are in the Fargo, ND area during October 16 through the 18, go check out Valley Con 35. Filmmaker Edward L. Plumb of Hollywood will be doing a special showing of his anthology film THE BONEYARD COLLECTION. This humorous horror movie has a bevy of stars in it from George Kennedy to Ken Foree. Plus actress Leanna Chamish is a knock out as the leather-clad vampiress, and I play an overly ripe corpse on a table during a dinner feast. How can you miss? Details can be found HERE.

Do you want to make a suggestion or comment about something on the site? Are you an independent filmmaker that wants us to review your movie? I have posted how to contact us here.