Well producer Jimmy George and director Chris LaMartina have done it again!    Call Girl of Cthulhu premiered this week at the prestigious Maryland Film Festival. Two nights of sold out crowds told of the success of their latest venture. The first evening there was a Q&A with the cast and crew after the initial showing. What’s next for this independent Dynamic Duo? Well, I can say for LaMartina that he met and fell in love with his leading lady – Melissa O’Brien – and the two plan to get married soon. No word yet on when we will see a release for this movie.


Oh! I suppose I should say something about what the film is about! As I was unable to attend the premiere, I can only give you the basic premise. A lonely artist meets and falls in love with a call girl. While that’s a big enough complication in his life, it also turns out that this girl has been marked as being given over tho the God Cthulhu. Hijinks and nudity and bloody gore ensue!

Jimmy Chris

Pictured above is George and LaMartina are fielding questions before the showing of Call Girl of Cthulhu. Photo by Leanna Chamish.

CGOC cast

Cast members Helenmary Ball, Paul Fahrenkopf, Leanna Chamish and George Stover were in attendance. Photo by Les Bradley.


To celebrate the success of Call Girl of Cthulhu, Smash or Trash is giving away a copy of LaMartina and George’s previous blockbuster WNUF HALLOWEEN SPECIAL. It is a found footage film about a live news broadcast in a haunted house that goes horribly, horribly wrong. To win a copy of this movie, write in to rembrandt36@earthlink.net with your full name and address and say “I want my Halloween special!” A winner will be drawn on June 15th. Don’t delay, enter today!

SOTS banner

Also in the news is that I have updated the review for the horror/comedy SWARM OF THE SNAKEHEAD. I was sent the recut version and boy – does it play a lot better and is a lot more fun! Check out the revised review HERE and watch this site – because in the near future I will be a guest on THE AFTER MOVIE DINER talking to Jon Cross about this movie!

NYC Dohlerites

Speaking of Jon Cross, he and Nick Console (part of the New York Dohlerites) will be featured here soon on their reviews of the Timewarp Film’s productions of VAMPIRE SISTERS and DEAD HUNT. Stay tuned…

Crawler Visual FX

And I will leave you with this: I haven’t talked about my own upcoming productions or have done updates for a very, very good reason. Mitch Klein and I have been really hard at work on the post-production of CRAWLER – Don Dohler and Joe Ripple’s last movie to be released. As I type this I am over at Mitch’s house watching him continue  to work on the creature sequences and they look AMAZING. My jaw dropped when he showed me what he had been working on. All I can say is if you are a fan of these type of films you are going to LOVE THIS!

Until next time – stay creative!

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