A Movie Review by Robert Long II ©2014

Starring Bob Olin, John Bowker, Sonya Davis, Conner Sherlock, Rob Merickel, Richard Johnson, Stephanie Lunceford, Bryn Kristi, Sabrina Larivee

Written and Directed by Joe Sherlock


Drifter follows a – well – drifter (portrayed by actor Bob Olin) that comes across a house up for sale that has just been the scene of a murder/suicide the previous evening. This character appears mute but peaceable enough; sneaking into the house after the law enforcement has left. He makes himself at home, takes a shower and settles in for the evening. However – the house may harbor things that go “bump” in the night…


The realtor (portrayed by Richard Johnson) is desperate to unload this property (known as the “blood house”) and hires a variety of utility workers to spruce it up. Little do these people know that hidden in the shadows of the house is the drifter, lurking in the home.


Joe Sherlock has been in the low budget indie film game for over a decade now, so he has had plenty of time to hone his skills. This time out he gives us DRIFTER, a movie that combines elements from home invasion, Steven King’s horror novels, and a dollop of Don Coscarelli‘s PHANTASM. Joe Sherlock is treading a balance of humor, mystery and scares and does a job of it with this production.


In tone and rhythm, this film reminds me most of Timewarp Films VAMPIRE SISTERS. It takes place mostly in the one location (the house) but it never feels like a low budget production. Sherlock makes the most of his cast and his production values. The lighting and camera work is top notch, and the audience does get a few instances of the “Joe Cam” shots, which Sherlock is known for.


I believe Bob Olin has been involved with both Joe Sherlock and John Bowker as far back as a movie called THE SEEKERS. He is an excellent actor and equates his role well as the drifter. What starts as a harmless enough role starts to turn into a mental breakdown; forcing him to become a crazed killer. To me he is the true stand out in the film.


Most of the other actors are people that have shown up and are regulars in Sherlock’s films. It’s been interesting to see them mature into seasoned performers over the last 16 or so years. There are some very pretty ladies and some nudity involved – both male and female. Not a tremendous amount of gore, but there is plenty of blood and a few rotting corpses for your viewing pleasure. There are also some rather hard hitting lovemaking scenes, hence the reason the is UNRATED (not for the kiddies).


The DVD has just been released and is available through SKULLFACE ASTRONAUT.COM. Besides the feature it will also have a making-of featurette, and  a trailer for Sherlock’s ODD NOGGINS.

Creepy, claustrophobic and chilling. Smash or Trash gives this a 7/10 rating and says “GET IT.”