A Movie Review by Robert Long II ©2018

Starring Richard Cutting, Steve Pattee, Frederick Cowie, Ali Lukowski, George Stover, Chris O’Brocki, Stormi Maya, Geoffrey Boggs, Joe Cardamone, M.T. Smith, Josh Davidson, Alexandra Palting, Neil Conway

Written and directed by Kevin Kangas

I was lucky enough to catch the world premiere of TERRORTORY 2 in mid September in downtown Baltimore, MD. We were in a smaller theatre, but it was very well attended. After a couple of interesting local movie trailers we got to the main feature.

We are back in the Haunted Woods of the East Coast called the Terrortory. We come across the character of Aiden (superbly played by Richard Cutting) and he appears to be mapping out various areas of these acres of horror. As we get a close up of the map during the opening credits, some of the areas are marked as:

• The Fountain

• The Beholders

• Smiling Jack

• The Midnight Clown

• The Drone Collector

• The Prowler

• The Smasher Trasher

• The Doll Maker

• Crybaby Bridge

• The Blair Witch

• Wicked Tin Man

• The Wendigo

• The Pumpkin Trail

And tons others…

So while doing this, Aiden runs into Greg (portrayed by Joe Cardamone) who is out there hiking for his own reasons. They decide to hike together. While doing so. Aiden regales Greg with tales of the Terrortory.

They both run across a group of young people looking for Smiling Jack. Jack is a jack-o-lantern headed serial killer. The youths taunt Smiling Jack and all hell breaks loose. Aiden and Greg take this moment to beat cheeks and get out of Smiling Jack’s zone.

Aiden starts talking about the Fountain – which brings us to a segment starring Ali Lukowski, Geoffrey Boggs, Stormi Maya and the legendary George Stover. Ali and Geoffrey play a couple that are out in the country taking photographs of the area.

They stop at a general store to get their bearings, and meet the store’s owner (played by Stormi Maya). Stormi tells them to follow the path if they want to encounter a unique fountain in the woods. She also tells them to make a wish. The couple find more than they bargain for.

George Stover comes into the equation as the sheriff, trying to track down the mystery that surrounds the Fountain.

Greg wants to hear the dope on the area of The Midnight Clown, but Aiden tells him the story of the Pumpkin Trail. Seems there is a section of the woods that three guys with metal detectors were in, and the ground was littered with carved pumpkins.

These three yahoos find that metal items of value can be found under the pumpkins, and proceed to dig up the earth surrounding them. Alas, if only they hadn’t been so greedy…

Greg asks if he can be taken to the area where the Midnight Clown lurks. Aiden grudgingly agrees. Along the way, he tells Greg the epic, chilling story about the Wendigo and Mr. Snowflake.

Stopping long enough to get their bearings, Aiden goes on to tell the tale of a mother and daughter that went on a camping trip and vanished. The father goes to search for them and comes across a very strange campsite.

Hustling to make it to a safe area before dark, Greg and Aiden run into three women hiking. All three have very poor self esteem issues, but Aiden has run into them before. Refusing to look back on these poor women, the duo press on.

There comes a point where Aiden spots a balloon in a tree, marking it as the Midnight Clown’s hunting ground. Greg thanks him and heads off into it, while Aiden takes a different route. Want to know what happens next? You’ll have to watch the movie.

TERRORTORY 2 is a huge step up from the previous film. I chalk that up to being that Kangas had total control over the film this time, so it flows and looks much better. The acting is stupendous (huge marks go to Richard Cutting for his fantastic performance). I want to point out that several of the bad guys were on point with their performances, especially M.T. Smith as Smiling Jack and Frederick Cowie as the Midnight Clown.

The camera work and lighting are on spot. The production, costuming, makeup, sound design, special effects and music go above and beyond what is expected in independent films such as this. Kangas, his editor, and his entire cast and crew have once again hit it out of the park.

I spoke with Kevin Kangas briefly and there may be a two-disc set that eventually comes out with both TERRORTORY’s on it. I certainly hope so as I want to listen to the commentary as well as see the making of this movie. Until then you can find this film on AMAZON PRIME starting October 1st. Just in time for the Halloween season!

I have to take off several points for the movie NOT featuring a cameo of me in it. Come on Kangas. I live in the area. Give me a call – we’ll do lunch.

I’m kidding (kind of). I can safely give this an 8.5 out of 10. Trust me, you’ll have a lot of fun with this one. It’s filled with the right touches of humor, heart and horror.