A review by Judy Furlow Grannas ©2012

 Chained to the Wall Productions

– Actors: Tasha Castor, Scarlet Fry, Calico Cooper, Brian Crow, Mike Darmo

– Directors: Brian Frey, Scarlet Fry, Walter Reuther

– Studio: Chemical Burn Entertainment

– DVD Release Date: October 18, 2011

– Run Time: 75 minutes


This “Horrorfest” of six twisted tales of terror, reminiscent of “Tales from the Crypt,” is hosted by Scarlet Fry, a kind of redneckish freak with a bad mask, sitting in front of an unconscious woman chained to a tree. Story number one, “Blood Thirsty Butcher,” was my favorite and is about a hungry man looking to invite his new neighbor over for lunch. The second tale “The Solution,” can resonate with a lot of disgruntled workers that would just love to eliminate their tedious responsibilities in a very permanent manner. The third installment “Griptape Spank,” stars three slacker, skateboarding stoners, that need to find money to buy weed and resort to using their skateboards to earn cash in a very undesirable way. “Wasted Life,” is the depressing fourth episode that is more dramatic than scary, about a lonely man that tries suicide. Number five “The Devil Made Me Do It,” attempts at using satanic worship, and an unhappy relationship, that ends badly. And, FINALLY, “Love is Blind,” ends story time with a young woman teaching her angry, male coworker, that old saying about a scorned woman and Hell’s fury.


All the stories are very short, thankfully, and not badly written. I was disappointed by some of the stilted acting and continued use of the same apartment and furniture in the different tales. There is gore and blood, however not done very well in “Griptape Spank,” and “The Devil Made Me Do It.” The alternate use of a skateboard as a murder weapon was creative and Eric Werner as The Pervert in “Griptape Spank,” is the best performance in the film. “The Devil Made Me Do It,” was a bit choppy with the story line and I was confused as to why the girlfriend would take a shower, after shooting her lover, and walk slowly around the apartment instead of running out. “Wasted Life,” was an unnecessary time filler and  Scarlet Fry’s character seemed too forced as he spoke.

I like campy, horror hosts such as Elvira, the Crypt Keeper, Joe Bob Briggs, etc., and I think that Scarlet Fry’s version wasn’t horrible, but could have been better.

Two out of five.


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 Editor’s note: I feel Judy took another one for the team.  There is one more film “like” this that I myself will be reviewing. After that, Smash or Trash will NOT be reviewing movies that are this poorly put together. Life is too short.

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