A review by Robert Long II ©2012

Directed by Brett Piper

Written by Brett Piper and Mark Polonia

Starring: A.J. Khan, Alison Whitney, Ian Piper, Jared Warren, Danielle Donahue, Ken Van Sant, Steve Diasparra, Bob Dennis, Mark Polonia, Buzz Cartier, Mike Crum, Robin C. Jones, and Christina Jones

Genre: Horror/Comedy

Released by Chemical Burn Entertainment

I am getting to be a real Brett Piper fan. This guy has been at it for 30 years and really knows his stuff and his audience. He is not ashamed to put out quality B-movies that are entertaining. Bravo! So this on-air monster hunter (Steve Diasparra) has been off the air since being shown to be a fraud. He was doing a story on the infamous Pennsylvania MUCKMAN when everything fell apart; turns out ol’ muckman was a guy in a rubber suit under the employment of Steve.

Laughed off the tube, Diasparra is desperate to get back in front of the camera. He finally – FINALLY – cons – I mean convinces his producer to give him one more chance. The stipulation is that he  has to bring in a story on the REAL Muckman, with a new on-screen talent and crew. So this band of misfits pack up into a trailer and head off to the sticks of Pennsylvania. It’s here that they meet three yokel locals (led by Ken Van Sant) who swear they’ve seen the creature. So it looks like an all night stake out will be in order…

I’m not going to go into the whole story as it will spoil a lot of the fun. Just go out and BUY this! What a blast! This has just about everything you could wish for in a party movie.  There are one or two FAKE Muckmen, but the design of the real deal is awesome! Plus Brett Piper provides some really incredible stop-motion animation towards the end of the film; I’ll take this any day over CGI!

Oh, did I forget to mention the babes? Three of them (A.J. Khan, Alison Whitney, Danielle Donahue) and all equally HOT. And before you give me any crap for saying that, this is a GENRE movie and their appearance is par for the course. What was wonderful is that they all had great acting chops and super comedic timing. On the other end of the genre spectrum there IS a little gore on display – but I will say this; not all is as it seems.

Be sure to stick around for the epilog at the end of the film which is hilarious! I wish I could say something about the extras, but alas I was only sent a screener. If they are anything like the extras that were included on Drainiac and Bacterium (two other great Brett Piper movies) then they are just thick gooey icing on an already delicious cake.  I give this a hearty 9/10 swamp fiends of a rating. The only thing holding it back from a 10/10 is that none of the lovely ladies get nekkid.

Run – NOW! – over to Chemical Burn Entertainment and pick up this fun diamond in the rough. You will not be disappointed!

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