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Idol of Evil: Hell is Forever
A review by Smash or Trash correspondent Judith Furlow ©2011

* Actors: Richard Cambridge, Adrian Bouchet, Eley Furrell, Matt Sheppard, Stephanie Elliott
* Director: Kevin McDonagh
* Language: English
* Distributor: Chemical Burn Entertainment
* Run Time: 95 minutes

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Synopsis: A movie that comes to us from across the pond. A handsome researcher in mythology, David Hilton (Richard Cambridge), is recruited by two priests in black to find missing Professor Peter Kixley (also a colleague of David’s), along with a legendary artifact, the Eye of Kali. With help from the Professor’s assistant, Lucy Lake (Stephanie Elliott), David begins his quest to find his mentor and save the world at the same time.

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Thoughts: This isn’t a bad film, although it is slow, and I began to lose interest rather quickly. The storyline is interesting with a twist that I didn’t expect. I felt that the movie spent too much time on the search for the Professor, speaking to his wife, deciphering a map, spying on suspicious characters, and car chases that seemed unnecessarily long to me. About an hour into the movie comes the “horror” part of the film that reminded me of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” with the addition of a glowing, bright green light, and evil, “I’m going to rule the world” woman.


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The Good: The production qualities of this film are quite impressive, as is the acting and music score. The English countryside and forests add to the quality of this low budget movie. Acting standouts go to Richard Cambridge, Adrian Bouchet, and Stephanie Elliott, with Adrian, unfortunately, being under used. DVD graphics and format were creative and professional and easy to navigate.


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The “Not So” Good: The “convince the girl to talk” and “get away from the bad guy before he kills us” scenes were rather flat and could have been jazzed up a bit to be more convincing. And is it really necessary to have the girl tie her shirt up to show her sexy belly while she’s looking for a missing person and running from evil doers? Really, I ask you, is it? I’m all for sex appeal, but only where it’s appropriate or actually believable.The lack of broken glass after the hero smashes a car window with his leather jacket and elbow, detracted from the realism, as did some of the sound effects used in the fight scene that followed.  The gun shot effects sounded awful.

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The Verdict: The film makers put a lot of effort into this production – making this a film – that I would recommend viewers to give a chance. 2.5 Evil Idols out of 5.

DVD extras are not rated as this was a screener copy.


Idol of Evil


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