Aliens from Outer Space: UFO Landings, Crashes, and Retrievals (2010)


A movie review by Smash or Trash Correspondent Judith Furlow ©2011

Writer/Director: Bill Knell

Genre: UFO, Aliens, Conspiracy documentary
2010 / Color / Full Screen / 240 mins plus Special Features
Released through Reality Entertainment

Whether you believe in UFOs or not you may want to give “Aliens from Outer Space” a look.

UFO Investigator Bill Knell has put together a documentary explaining theories and sightings of UFOs over the years (including government cover ups and eyewitness reports) intending to provide viewers with the facts that UFOs do indeed exist, and have been documented over the centuries by generations of people.




Now, I don’t know if I believe in UFOs, but I found some of the information interesting – most of which I never knew. Knell provides that a zoo in New York was closed because the animals are found mutilated after strange lights were seen in the sky, Astronaut Edgar Mitchell claims that the U.S. Government is denying reports of UFOs and aliens, and that Howard Hughes had come in contact with a crashed UFO and it’s occupants. He also explains that actual sightings and evidence have fueled the Hollywood machine with movies like “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, “ET”, and “Signs”.

Unfortunately, this documentary is not presented in what I would consider to be a format that would hold anyone’s attention for long. The documentary is FOUR hours long (which isn’t printed on the disc that I received) and the format is more like a slide show, showing nothing but still images from sci-fi movies, movie posters, and UFO sightings, with an occasional photo of the filmmaker himself. There are a few video clips of news shows talking about UFO sightings – which I found very interesting – but the rest of the film is one image after another; I felt like I was reading a magazine. I was also disappointed by the DVD format. I could not select or skip chapters or scenes. The DVD is written as two chapters, one being the four hour long documentary, and the second being advertisements for other films the company offers. I watched the DVD for three hours before I actually gave up and turned it off. I think it would have been easier had this been a two-part set.



The opening graphics were actually good and I would have liked to have seen narrator Bill Knell speaking to his audience instead of a splash of a photo of himself inserted here and there throughout the film. Personal interviews by him would have added a lot to this documentary, as would have film clips and archival footage instead of still photos. The videos of news channels debating UFO sightings was, for me, the highlight of this documentary.

FINAL RATING: I give this 1/2 flying saucers out of 5; solely for informational purposes only.


Aliens from Outer Space: UFO Landings, Crashes, and Retrievals (2010)


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Actress Judith Furlow

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