A review by Judy Furlow ©2012

Written and directed by Ian Albetski & Paul Busetti 

 Produced by Paul Busetti, Ian Albetski, Bridget Devlin Burke and Francis Abbey

Starring: James T. Martin, Robert Bradbury, Ben Solenberger, Noah Jacobs, Francis Abbey, Edwin Albetski, Eero Aames, Bridget Devlin Burke, Patricia Talmadge, Andrew Reynolds, and Key York.

B&W Color 22 MIN 1.33:1 NTSC

If you’re looking for a documentary or historical film about Abraham Lincoln and his life than you’re in the wrong place. This short film, running at 22 minutes, is a hilarious homage to the nuclear family “horror stories” of marijuana abuse from the 1950’s, non of which celebrated the life of Abraham Lincoln. 


Taking place in 1957 the movie centers around four friends in a basement sharing fun times and playing pool. Innocuous it seems, but a choice to smoke a joint will change their lives forever, unleashing a murderous rampage which spawns teenage zombies. The lesson to be learned from “Abraham Lincoln” is that marijuana and teenagers = zombies and carnage!


This is a great short flick with a good script, editing, acting, and direction. The film is edited with a satirical advertisement for Dr. Chin’s Old Fashioned Abortion Tonic kit which includes tonic, an ice cream scoop and bucket and can be performed in the office if necessary. And in Anytown, USA, an innocent teen discovers a “deadly reefer stick”, while searching for his baseball cap in his father’s dresser drawer, which leads to horrific consequences. Dr. Chin is the most offensive portrait of an Asian person that I’ve seen since the “Charlie Chan” series.   


The best part of this film is that everything that is offensive is laugh out loud entertaining. The high-school jock describing his unnoticed rape of a girl that wore a very short skirt, up to her knees, making her a slut, and he couldn’t understand why she was kicking and screaming as he held her down and covered her mouth. The nerdy, jewish friend is insulted for being a jew and wearing glasses, although he does eat BLTs, and therefore there may be hope for him yet if he smokes the joint. However, one buddy, albeit slightly smarter than the others, hesitates at lighting up because of the anti-marijuana film strips that they’ve seen at school. The James Dean wannabe doesn’t care about the dangers of reefer and lights up anyway. Chaos is unavoidable as the drug takes effect. Cut to the present with the surviving boy, now older man, sitting in comfy chair in front of a fireplace with a portrait of Abe Lincoln hanging over the mantel (nice touch), explaining how the poor choices lead to the deaths of his three best friends. His message “just say no,” to marijuana or it will kill you and turn you into a zombie, and worse yet, a ninja zombie.



Important details in the film included offensive, racial slurs that were actually used in film and cartoons from the 50’s that didn’t faze anyone during that era, and thankfully society has grown enough to recognize that troublesome trend. Head-in-the-axe scene was good and the blood spatter was comical as you can tell that someone is standing off-camera and squirting a condiment bottle with fake blood into the actor’s face. The characters in the “Tonic” commercial were so stereotypical of acting of that era. Strong, smart male boss and client vs. silly, weak female secretary with a “problem” that can only be taken care of in Mexico. “It can’t be that time of the month,” the boss asks Miss Vanhorn when she requests for time off. Male client doesn’t understand how she could be pregnant if she is unmarried, unless she’s a voodoo witch or a prostitute. Frickin’ hilarious!

Artwork is vintage and hysterical, recognizing the inappropriate themes of the era (boss grabbing female employee’s ass, etc.) and was appreciated by this critic. Great music and voice over work. Extra DVD features include five commentary tracks with writers and directors, interviews and outtakes.

I don’t recommend this short to anyone that can’t take a joke, and I, personally, think this short would make a great feature length film.

5 out of 5 Stoned Zombies.



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