Lee Doll Film Productions’ DANGEROUS DECEPTION (starring Alfred Guy and Paul R. Sieber) gets a Smash or Trash review. You can read about it HERE.  There will also be a giveaway of a DVD and poster from this movie on the site here very soon!

Recent birthdays! We had some late June birthdays and some upcoming July birthdays that deserve a shout out!


 Filmmaker Mitch Klein (Left-June 30th) and actor George Stover (right July 3rd) also have celebrated recent birthdays. Both are super guys and great supporters of Smash or Trash. We wish them the happiest of birthdays!

Day of the Gun

Special thanks to Leanna Chamish for providing these photos (above). These were taken on location of Wayne Shipley’s new western DAY OF THE GUN.  Some familiar faces could be seen in the crowd and this particular day of shooting revolved around and old-time baseball game. I’m looking forward to more updates about this!


CRAWLER UPDATE: The final timeline is in place and editing is in the works. What does this mean? This means while Mitch Klein concentrates on the visual effects, I have taken it upon myself to work on the credits, the editing, the audio, sound effects, and laying in the soundtrack by Justin Timpane. I showed a very, very rough cut of it to Mitch. We had a good laugh at my animatics (scenes in place for the real visual effects) but I got favorable feedback. Because of this I am tightening up everything. Progress folks – progress!


 The Smash or Trash store now has a TON of new items available!  The only place to get your official Don Dohler and George Stover items. Even better, part of the proceeds go to charity!!! The link to these great grabs is right HERE.


As of this evening, the horror web series MALICE only has 19 more days to reach their Kickstarter goal. YOU can help. Whether it is a dollar to 1000 dollars, you can become a backer to this incredible show. Click on this LINK, check out the show and the cool perks you can get. Then get off your fanny and back them. Remember – support independent productions!

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