Crawler coming? Yes!

Hello, hello, hello. So, I have been doing updates. WHAT??? Yes, I’ve been busy doing indie film stuff. I’m as shocked as you are. So CRAWLER… Crawler is coming – finally. The lockdown has been a pain in the ass and distribution has become even harder as many companies are working at half staff. So hopefully in a few months CRAWLER with be released on DVD. Not sure about streaming yet. More details as things get finalized, but the gears are finally in motion. After 18 years, Timewarp Films sci fi/horror movie will be available to the public. Stars Justin Timpane, Daniel Ross, and Darla Albornoz. While it won’t have a commentary track, we hope to have some fun extras on the disc. Joe Ripple and Don Dohler’s final team effort. Stay tuned.

I’m doing trailer reactions now…

I have tried to have a MUCH bigger footprint on Youtube, by doing segments for Smash or Trash Indie Filmmaking and Madhouse Manor. I’ve probably posted 20 new videos in the past year. Go check them out and like and subscribe, and ring the bell, and leave a comment. I’m trying to build my brand. Thanks in advance.

John Cosentino’s PARAGON’S PARAGON

After 47 years, John Cosentino’s Star Trek fan film PARAGON’s PARAGON has been uploaded to Youtube. only 30 minutes of the 100 minute film, but it’s the most that has been seen of this production in decades. This film was featured heavily in Don Dohler’s Cinemagic Magazine, and is considered the holy grail of lost fan films. You can read about my restoration of the film HERE.

One of the FX shots for MONSTER PLANET

The last thing I’ll update on is that I’ve been doing some practical effects to help some friends finish their movie short MONSTER PLANET. Started in 1992, As the 30th anniversary of this is approaching, it’s time to get this sucker done! I plan to do a few videos on how I created the effects for this zero budget production in the future. The short stars Barry Murphy, Ann Frith, George Stover, Mitch Klein, Steve Rifkin and many, many others from the Baltimore area. – That’s all for now. Stay safe, and I hope to meet with some of you at some upcoming conventions. Take care.

DECEMBER 27, 1952 – MARCH 10, 2021

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Glenn Allen Barnes of Perry Hall, MD. He was 68. Glenn was known for a few things by independent film fans; he worked with his half-brother Don Dohler on the majority of Don’s films, and he played the title role in the movie GALAXY INVADER. A tribute page to Glenn with be posted to this site in the near future. If you knew Glenn, or were a fan of his work – feel free to give me stories (and/or pics) to post on the tribute page. my email is Rest in peace, Glenn. You are missed.

Filmmaker Edward L. Plumb May 25, 1956 – March 5, 2021

It’s with sincere regrets and sadness that I have to report that Burbank, CA Filmmaker Edward L. Plumb has passed away after a battle with cancer. He was 64. He is survived by his Sister Diane, his wife Carolyn and their daughters Elizabeth and Victoria. Edward was a motion picture and television producer with 65 credits to his name. He was also an incredibly genuine person, and a close friend; like an older brother. The friends he had in the industry goes into the 1,000s – he was that well loved and respected. A tribute page will be put up on this site to honor him. If you knew Edward, or were a fan of his work, feel free to email me a photo and a tribute to be included. My email is Rest in peace, brother. You are greatly missed.

In 2020 – since we were all inside – I got the chance to guest on Youtube video chats as well as some indie film podcasts. Here are some links to the shows I was on.

An indie actors/filmmaker’s podcast – basically covers all aspects of the entertainment industry – had me on to talk about my days of working in Hollywood. Michael R. Barton hosted the show and we had a great time talking shop. You can check it all out here at Fowl Player Radio.

Randall Patty is the host of the Youtube channel Shop31, which among other things covers horror movies. We had a great time talking about my role in the WNUF Halloween Special (on Shudder) and we talk about our favorite movie serial killer – Art the Clown of Terrifier. This was a Skype call and I look like I work behind the counter of an adult book store.

I appear on the 3rd episode of Live In The Hearse vidcast over on Youtube. Hosted by the delightful Kerri Jackson, we talk about all things under the sun, Madhouse Manor, and she gets me to do my bad Angus Scrimm/Tall Man impersonation! Ho ho!

75th Birthday Boy Don Dohler

Cult legend Don Dohler would have celebrated his 75th birthday this past January. The genius behind such works as The Alien Factor, Fiend, Nightbeast, Blood Massacre, Stakes, Dead Hunt, and Crawler. he inspired such people as Tom Sullivan (The Evil Dead) and Tom Savini (Day of the Dead) during his illustrious career. He is loved and missed by his Family, Friends, and Fans. We raise a toast to Don Dohler!

Damien Leone’s creation Art the Clown

Filmmaker Damien Leone is a busy man. He’s ended up having a successful slasher hit with his 2016 movie TERRIFIER (starring David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown). This January 29th the young man turned 37. Let’s hope he took a minute out of editing TERRIFIER 2 to eat some birthday cake. Happy birthday Damien! Looks like you have your own party clown!

Bad Movie Night discusses STAKES

What the bloody hell? I’m doing an update? Yes, 2020 was one hell of a bust for everyone. I did do some Youtube videos (more on that later). It is a new year, and we are going to get vaccinated, and we will get back to normal. So let’s get some independent film news out there! First off – as you can see above – the Bad Movie Night guys talk about Timewarp Films 2002 production STAKES. Produced by Don Dohler and directed by Joe Ripple, it is a story of two parallel worlds battling an army of Vampires. The movie stars genre legend George Stover as the ass kicking rogue priest and Scream Queen Leanna Chamish as the evil Vampire Queen. The Bad Movie Night dudes kind of take the piss out of the film from time to time in their review, but by the end they loved it and strongly recommend this indie cult flick. Check out the video. Just don’t check out any videos by Obscura Lupa. Her reviews are forced, unfunny and she has no talent.

Madman Majestro is on Youtube!

While I didn’t get a whole lot done on the website last year, my alter ego got videos made! Madman Majestro of the Madhouse Manor has been doing indie movie reviews on Youtube as well as hosting a Tuesday night KAST party where he shows cool genre movies and chats with his live audience. This video above is all about the cool friggin’ swag that can be gotten from the Madhouse Manor. Check it out!

Lil’ Maddy Majestro from superfan Tammy Bradburn

Speaking of Madman Majestro, I’ve been receiving some really cool gifts from fans! The first thing I got was a fun cartoon of Majestro from Director Chris LaMartina – it’s up on the fridge! Tammy Bradburn sent me a knitted voodoo plushie of myself, which is adorable. She also did an incredible horror-themed cross-stitch for me! Both will be on the show soon! Thanks everybody!

Fanex saluted the incredible Forry Ackerman

Prolific publishers Gary and Sue Svehla held a Fanex convention back in 2001 and saluted the legendary sci fi and horror icon – Forry Ackerman – at their awards ceremony. Fanzine publishers and editors from around the United States gathered to honor Forry for his lifetime of dedication to his craft. A ton of familiar faces tell tales out of school about everybody’s favorite “Ackerman.” The video is introduced by Leanna Chamish.

Actor/Writer Steve Rifkin

Fowl Players Radio gives Actor/Writer Steve Rifkin the VIP treatment in talking to him about his indie film career. Check out this fantastic interview!


I’ve been approached about the website recently. I must admit that I haven’t posted one damn article or review this year. I have posted some Youtube videos – to be fair.

When my Dad was murdered in January 2020, it took a lot of my energy and drive out of me. Covid 19 compounding on top of that, and several friends dying have made this a miserable year.

We got Timewarp Film’s CRAWLER done, but are dealing with the nightmare that is distribution. I’ve been in the business a long time and know it’s an all around screw job and that you make no money at it.

It’s hard to ask for help, because Smash or Trash is a unique website. I try to remain professional but still have a sense of fun. I rarely drop F Bombs on the site and try to find the good in a low budget movie (as well as pointing out where they can be improved). It’s hard to get unpaid help that doesn’t want to just sandblast the movies they are reviewing. That’s not why I’m here for. I’d probably have a bigger audience if I just beat the shit out of a movie, but there are countless mean-spirited youtube channels and websites that do that. I’m here to try to encourage filmmakers to get better – no matter what their budget.

I keep the site going because it is a place that pays tribute to Don Dohler as well as Tim Davis, both sadly gone. Of course in his lifetime as an early filmmaker, Don’s movies got the holy crap kicked out of them for being “backyard spectacles.” Never mind that his films got better and more professional as time went on; people wanted to put him in a box and keep him there. Makes me sick. I try to show that he was much more than that.

So I’m trying to get back to updating the website at least a few times before the end of the year. There are some indie movies being made that look really good. Yes, I mostly focus on horror and sci-fi, but I have posted about indie comedies, westerns and dramas as well.

So let’s see what happens. This can be a very unrewarding existence, as I get very little feedback for a lot of effort put in. But I’m still here to try to help filmmakers make the best movie they can on meager means.
– Rob Long

Damien Leone has an independent movie hit on his hands – TERRIFIER. A world wide hit and a favorite on Netflix. It has also made Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton) a horror house-hold name. Now there is an IndieGoGo campaign launched to get TERRIFIER 2 shooting the Fall of 2019. It promises to be bigger, badder and bloodier. I just pledged toward it, and now so can you. There are great perks for those that contribute to this horror franchise. Help get this Bad Boy off the ground! Here is the INDIEGOGO link.


Our new intro video

Bloody hell, where have we been!?! Well, life got in the way (as usual) I got myself a full time job (finally). So, can I FINALLY get back to doing content? YES! There is SO much going on that I have not been able to get to – but that all changes NOW.

WE ARE NOW ON PATREON!!!!! Now you can become a subscriber and a patron and get some neat perks for doing so. We here at Smash or Trash have a ton of ideas and a ton of content that hasn’t been released. The plan is to upload video content once a week (to YouTube), and upload blog content every two weeks. With an influx of steady monthly donations we can get the interviews, the reviews and the how-to articles up faster and on a regular schedule. Get on over to our PATREON page and check out the perks. Thanks in advance for helping us creative indies!

Testing 1, 2, 3…

I did a really quick test with the homemade green screen I built. I’ll be doing a how-to video on how I made it as a stand alone backdrop and the materials and steps that were taken. Just… TONS of content and videos coming soon, Soon, SOON! We’re excited and hope you are TOO!

A very special shout out to Jon Cross of the After Movie Diner podcast for being out very 1st PATREON supporter! Thanks Jon!

HAPPY 2019!

Chris LaMartina – Director of WNUF

Happy New Year from Smash or Trash! I’m a little behind on this upcoming announcement, so I’m trying to make up for lost time.

Back in 2013, I had the honor of have a lead role in Chris LaMartina and Jimmy George’s cult classic found footage film WNUF HALLOWEEN SPECIAL. The film was based on a news broadcast from 1987, and was hailed everywhere from the New York Times to NPR. I of course played the dashing, courageous priest who tragically gave his own life to save the lives of others.

But I digress. Present day and Chris wants to do a sequel set in the 1990s and has set up a GOFUNDME page for it! There will be some favorite characters coming back, it will probably feature really bad music and fashions (this is the 1990s we’re talking about) and surprises that only the twisted mind of LaMartina can provide.

So I am asking you – yes you, dear reader – to go to the project’s GOFUNDME page and give what you can so this movie can get off the drawing board and into production! There are some fantastic perks listed for the different pledge tiers. The money will go towards costumes, makeup, props, locations, stock footage – you know – everything that will make this film awesome!

So go and pledge at the link HERE. As of this posting there is less than 30 days left in the campaign, so don’t delay! Have a fantastic 2019, and stay creative!